Child Modeling – Don’t get played! A list of NYC most reputable modeling agencies UPDATED 8/8/2014

Child Modeling – Don’t get played! A list of NYC most reputable modeling agencies UPDATED 8/8/2014

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***There are many people in this city looking to make a fast buck at the expense of you and your child, so it is important to know who you are dealing with. Below is a list of the most reputable modeling agencies in New York City that represent children, and how to get your child seen. Effective January 2013, we have decided to place Sofia with a Manager as opposed to an Agent. Please see my January 18th post for more on the difference between a manager and an agent. Sofia is now represented by CP Talent.


*** Quick note – If they are interested, the will contact you, so please don’t be a stalker. If you don’t hear back from them, wait a few months, and take some updated photos of your child and submit again.







***The New York office represents children of all ages, from newborn to 12 years old. We only accept submissions for children through the mail or online.

You can submit photos to BMG through their web submission form by clicking below”




* Check them out on Facebook:

or on their website:
” The Kids division at New York Model Management is always looking for new faces to represent. We represent children from the age of 6 months through 12 years.

If you are interest in getting your child into modeling and would like to be considered by the Kids Division at New York Models, please follow the submission instructions.

Please mail 3-4 snapshots of your child to New York Models, attention – Kids Division. Please make sure that you include the following in your submission:

Include your child’s age, height, date of birth and a contact number so that we are able to reach you. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please do not mail photos that you consider irreplaceable. Photos should have a clear view of your child and should be snapshots from home.

If we are interested, we will contact you within a week of receiving them. If we are not interested, you will not hear back from us unless you include a self-addressed stamped envelope, which we will use to return your pictures to you.



* Check them out on Facebook


Wilhelmina New York accepts photo submissions through the mail. All photos must be mailed directly to our agency.

We request that models send at least one clear full face head shot and one clear full length body shot. The most important thing is that we see a natural you. No makeup is needed. Please do not send nude photos. You can send a composite, if you have one, along with the face and body polaroids. Do not send your portfolio. Anyone interested in sending photos to be reviewed by our agents should send them to:

300 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010



* Check them out on Facebook




5223½ Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Website – submission info:



To submit for professional representation with Zuri Model and Talent Agency Inc. please send 3-4 current home snapshots/digital photos. You do not need to submit professional photos, although you may if you have them. We do prefer to see natural shots; free from make-up, hats, etc. Simple shots that capture the prospective models natural coloring and everyday look. We highly recommend that you do not send anything of great importance that you necessarily need back.

With your photos, please include the following:

Date of Birth
Clothing sizes, height and measurements (for Teens and Adults)
Contact name(s) and information, including an email address

SUITE 1008
NEW YORK, NY 10011

*Check them out on Facebook

How to become a Generation model
***Information taken from the note section of their Facebook page

We are always looking for great kids between the ages of 3 mos to 17 years. If you are interested in having Generation represent your child, please do the following:

Email pictures to Send 3-4 CURRENT images. Please make sure your child is by themselves, facing the camera, no sunglasses, hats or food on their faces. The photos do not need to be professional.

In the email, please include your child’s height, dob, where you live and the best way to contact you. If we are interested, you will hear from us within two weeks of the submission.

During the school year we work w/children who live in the nyc/nj/ct/pa area. if you live further than that, and we are interested in discussing representation, we would consider representing your child for the summer. Which means moving to the nyc area for the summer. If that’s not an option, then it would be wise to investigate markets in your area. this is a demanding business ….. time, close proximity and energy are required.

If we are not interested, we will not respond. Due to the number of submissions we receive, we can not reply to everyone and we do not give individual feedback.

If you want to send pictures through the US mail, follow the same directions, but include a self-addressed stamped envelope and your email address and phone number.



212-477-6622 – VANESSA GRACIA

*** CESD Website states: “If you are looking for representation we accept mail in submissions only; no emails or phone calls please.”




**If you are interested in FFT representation, you can submit online at their BECOME A MODEL link.

Fill out the application with the correct stats.

Upload two COLOR pictures (preferably one smiling headshot and one full length)


***If they are interested, you will hear from them within two weeks of the submission.



*Check them out on Facebook

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  2. Hi Sofia’s mom, you are awesome and I love your blog! I have three kids all I hear is OMG they look like models, they should be on t.v., etc… I used to run around like a chicken with no head looking for reputable agencies for my Ashlee but get discouraged with all the scams out there.

    Thanks for all what you do, thank you for sharing and I wish you and Sofia the best of luck.


    • Thanks Natasha! I have been a bit lazy with updating lately. The truth is, really, there was nothing new to report. Hopefully that will change soon for us. We just did some new photos and I am going to post them now. Are you in New York? There are some reputable agencies to submit to. You can also check out the forum on and start a thread in the child modeling section asking about reputable agencies in your town. If your kids are interested, then you should definitely give it a shot. Good luck and keep me posted! :-)

      • Hi Sophia’s mom, I have been looking at different modeling agencies for my 13 year old daughter, any suggestions on which ones we should send our pictures to? We are new at this and my daughter just recently told me about her interest in modeling so we need all the help and guidance we can get. I have looked into Generation and Wilhelmina for my daughter and they seemed good, but which one would you choose for her? Thank you!

        • Hi and thanks for reading. I would definitely submit to all of the agencies listed here and see who is interested first. Set up meeting with all interested parties, and then really see who you think is a good fit. All agencies listed here are reputable. What works for one child, might not work for another, or might not work for you personally (lots of different personality types in this business lol)

          Good luck, and keep us posted!

          • Any experience with future faces? Went for interview and not to sure about the company.

          • I have not dealt with Future Faces personally, but they do not have the best reputation from what I have heard from others. I have read lots of negative things about them on backstage, which seem to always get removed. I would definitely encourage doing further research online about them. I would recommend sending photos to several agencies though. All the agencies listed here are reputable in the business. Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes!

          • Hi, I submitted my 4 month old son’s pictures to Generation and Zuri models and got replies for both in less than 24 hours. Generation wants to meet him this Friday, June 6th, and Zuri said it wants to represent my son asap and emailed me all the forms so it can be his agent. Zuri said in its email that since my son is still a baby they don’t need to meet with him in person before representing him. Is that normal? Also, I read some discourages reviews about Generation, all of which were complaints about receiving payment. Did you have any issues with Generation? Lastly, I decided to submit my sons photos to Wilhelmina models yesterday. Do you think I should wait to see if I hear a response from them?

          • Hi and thanks for reading. How did it go? We were quite busy this summer and I am just getting to update all of my emails. What did you guys decide? What was your experience?

          • Does anyone know if Future Faces Ny is one of the companies who asks for money upfront to sign children? We were contacted for an open call but if I have to pay them to sign my daughter I don’t want to drive 3 hours for nothing. Thanks

          • Hi and thanks for reading. There are alot of comments here about this agency, and a lot of negative info online about them. They have not had the best reputation. Having said that, I have never dealt with them directly, so I can only advise you to do your research, and search my blog for reader feedback.

            Good luck and please let us know how it goes.

      • Hi Sofia’s Mom, My hats off to you, you sure posted a lot of valuable information! I’m looking for an agency that handles small children like 4 yr olds for print. We’re based out of NJ, but not far from NY. Do you know any good agencies for print in NJ? Thanks Denise :)

        • Hi Denise and thanks for the kind words. Submit to all of the agencies listed here :-) Our manager, CP Talent is based in New Jersey, but almost every audition or go-see is in Manhattan.

    • Hi Sofia’s mom, I was just wondering your feelings on Adele’s Agency. My son received a letter back from Adele saying she wanted to meet with us. I just wanted to know are they good. I’ve looked online everywhere and couldn’t fine a bad review lol I guess I’m just trying to make sure that we don’t get burned again, like we did in the past by Ad Kids. Thank you so much for your time.

      • Hi,
        I have friends who are with Adele’s, and have been very happy there. They are definitely a reputable agency, but I am not sure how often their kids get sent out. Good place to get your feet wet for sure. :-)

        • Thank you so much for responding and giving your input. We feel so much more confident and that’s exactly what we would like, just to get our feet wet. Good luck in all you do and I will keep you posted.

        • Hi Sofia’s Mom, Thank you for all the information. Here is my dilemma, I have been with Adele’s since June 2013. Every picture I have sent of my son she tells me they are no good, i.e. too orange, don’t use a cell phone, too dark background, too light background, too much light, he is not smiling, he looks cross-eyed etc…. She tells me to go to Sear’s or Picture People. I have done that and had professional pictures taken and she still does not like the pictures. It is very discouraging especially when people ask me ‘why isn’t this boy modeling or doing something?’ Do you think I could be reading into her attitude a little much? Any suggestions on what else can I do?

          • Have you tried submitting to any of the other agencies listed on this blog? I would definitely submit to others, and get feedback from them before being discouraged.

      • Hi, Sofia’s mom. I was reading your blog as I am trying to find a reputable agency for my daughter to send her pictures. I was reading the requirements for some of the agencies you posted and I would like your opinion too. Should we submit a professional photograph??

        • Hi and thanks for reading. I definitely do not think it is necessary to submit professional photos to the agencies. They are all okay with seeing snapshots to start. Good luck!

          • Hi Sophia’s mom! My daughter is 13 years old and is a model and future actress and I went to a talent scout and it was a RIP OFF! My daughter is African-American and no offense but the only kids she chose were whites and Latinos being the agent was Latino too. The only black children she took were the ones with the wild curly hair. I will defiantly not go back to Adorable Talent scouts again! Now the only way my daughter feels like she will be picked is if she has curly hair[which she can have, naturally] . Please help, no discrimination with these agencies please!

          • Hi and sorry for the delayed response. We had a sudden death in the family, and I am just getting settled here. I would not be discouraged, and would submit to all of the agencies listed here. There are definitely African-American kids in the business who do not have wildly curly hair. Have you tried submitting to the agencies I posted here? They are all reputable.

    • Thank you so much for this blog! It’s very helpful in this confusing modeling world. If you could help me with something, Im sorry if you have to repeat yourself.. I sent my son’s pictures to NY to agencies. And now ZURI and GENERATION want to work with him.. And I have no idea what to choose… Is there anyway to know which one is better than another?

      • Hi and thanks for reading. It really is up to you. You may love one agency one day, and feel like eventually it is time to leave. Only you can decide that, through trial and error. Both Zuri and Generation are reputable. I see you sent this in August. By now you are sure to have signed with one of them. Who did you end up with?

  3. Hi Sofia’s mom and thank you for all this info and all the info on your blog! I have a 10 month old who is currently with a small agency here on Staten Island. She got booked for one thing so far but I’m looking for a real deal agency. Did you have a positive experience with Generation??

    • Hi, I had a decent experience with them (there were some ups and downs, but I think everyone has that at some point no matter who they are with) and for a while Sofia was getting sent out fairly regularly. Unfortunately, as she gets older, the industry gets more competitive and so we decided to now go with a manager. Some of Sofia’s friends from school are with Adelle’s. You can also submit to Product online (there is a $10 fee, or you can submit to them for free via mail.) You can also check out Sofia’s Manager, CP Talent. They are having an open call February 3, 2013.

      If you are with a manager, your child will get sent out with all of the agencies, not just one, which will increase their chances of being sent out, and booked.

      Good luck and keep me posted! Also check out pics I posted from Amanda Marie Artistry. She is on Staten Island too and was amazing! :-)

      • I am truly grateful for this thread and blog it has helped me in searching out info for my 4 year old. I noticed most placed want you to live in the area so now I am considering moving there. I reached out to CPT today so we will see what happens thanks so much for your helpful presence in this journey

        • Thanks so much :-) Been a slow summer but hopefully as she grows, it will pick up for her. We are also shooting new headshot photos with a great photographer this weekend, so that can make a huge difference.

    • Also, you should sign up for backstage forum at BACKSTAGE (it is free) and you can view the child model message boards where lots of people post their experiences with the various agencies. When things are good they are good, but there are times when your patience can really be tested in this business, either by your agency, casting directors, other parents, etc. Just hang in there! :-)

    • They definitely should not! The only thing some agencies may ask for money for is submitting photos online (Product has a small fee for this), or if you are already with an agency, some charge for putting your child on their client website. (Generation does this, but you always have the option of not putting your child on the website, and they will still get sent out – we did not put our daughter on the website, in fact from what I understand, they usually do not ask unless your child has been booking a lot. We were never asked, and still were sent out.)

  4. My daughter was just called into take3talent for representation,after i submitted her photo’s online we went the other day.. were not sure if they are interested yet as they told us they would let us know, so we are waiting, I think they are somehow affiliated with product model management, there office doors are two feet away from eachother in the same building and they also have a facebook page, one of their post said they were throwing a valentines party for only theyre talent from both agencies combined. I stumbled upon this site as I was searching for reputable agents. great site! and very helpful:)

    • As far as affiliation, yes, they are affiliated – Product is for print, and Take 3 is for commercial.

      Would love to hear how it went, your outcome, and your overall experience. Lots of moms have said how comforting it has been, just knowing what to expect.

      Keep us posted! :-)

  5. ALSO– if anyone is interested, I also came across another wonderful helpful site called even though we are in ny .. at the very top of the page click on agents, then look under new york .. all reputable agencies. & the rest of the site are helpful too.. great place for mom’s like us to go to and read. they actually should have a ny mom blog!! but this one is just as good! thanks:)

  6. I have an 8 month old and I went to a photgrapher the other day to take photos and she recomended that i reach out to adeles kids and get some photos over to them. what do you think of adeles?

    • I have several friends who are with Adelle’s Kids and are very happy there! One has even booked some movies. Go for it! Good luck and remember to share back your experiences :-)

  7. Howdy! I realize this is kind of off-topic however I had to ask.

    Does managing a well-established website like yours require a lot of work?
    I am brand new to blogging but I do write in my
    journal every day. I’d like to start a blog so I will be able to share my own experience and views online. Please let me know if you have any kind of suggestions or tips for brand new aspiring blog owners. Appreciate it!

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    • Hi Paulette!

      I actually knew nothing about blogging – but wordpress is fairly easy to use and I wing it along the way :-) I still know pretty much nothing! lol I did purchase the domain name, then I linked it to wordpress blog. I hope that helps. Feel free to email me if you have questions on how I did certain things and I will walk you through it. Good luck with your blog! xo

  8. We got accepted to CESD? My daughter is 8 months. Any feedback on them? Also we have an interview with Product Model Management next week….thoughts on them? Thanks so much for your help!!

    • Hi Liz. Thanks for reading my blog! Both of the agencies listed are very reputable, and I know people who are very happy with each of them. Having said that, you will always find people who for one reason or another have a bad experience with various agencies also. I think at the the end of the day that it really comes down to preference and comfort. I am a person who goes mainly by gut, so that would factor a lot into my decision. Pay close attention to how you feel when meeting with both. Your feelings are important! Also, ask questions. This company is working for your child. Often we feel that our child is working for them. No, our child is working for their own interest, with the help and aid of a manager, or agent. Essentially they are working “with” each other.

      I also did an article on the blog recently on manager vs. agent, if you haven’t already checked that out. We were originally with an agent, and have now decided to move over to a manager. Would love to hear how it went, and what you decided! Good luck! :-)

  9. Hi,
    Just trying to get your input on this. My daughter is 11 months and represented by tribute talent here on Staten Island. Her first casting she booked a commercial back in December. To this day I have no information (or payment-not that it matters since that’s going into her savings account). I don’t know when it will air, I don’t know pretty much anything and my agent has zero information for us as well… Any suggestions? Do these things take this long? They said we will know if she is in the commercial if the bonus is in the payment but no payment or signs of it. Help?

    • Yes, they can take months. I actually just got payment on a job Sofia did a year ago! lol This business is crazy, so be sure to be on top of your receipts, and calculations. It is definitely NOT unusual to not know anything yet. A lot goes into production, but rest assured, you will eventually get the info (and payment), and hopefully a bonus too! :-) I know it can be frustrating, so try not to take any of it to heart. So awesome that your little one booked a commercial! Keep us posted when it airs – would love to see it! :-)

      • Thank you! Well it’s May and we actually received payment AND the bonus a couple of days ago! Very excited. The problem is that the talent agency that we use seems a little disorganized and we received 2 checks. Nothing else- no stub, no breakdown of how the payment was issued, etc. And I’ve left her messages and texts and no answer. Is this normal of an agency to do this?? To supply no information?? Have you heard of Adele’s kids in Staten Island?? I’m thinking of submitting her pictures to her instead.. Looking for a more professional experience. Thanks for your input. :-)

        • Hi,

          Some agencies are more organized than others when it comes to payment. I would call and ask them to send you an invoice with the breakdown. As for Adele’s Kids, I have heard of them and I know several people who are represented by them and very happy with them. I would also submit to all of the agencies listed here, especially if your child has already worked. You have nothing to lose! :-)

          Keep us posted! good luck :-)

    • Hi Betsy. Yes, managers do take a fee (otherwise they would be working for free, and who the heck wants to do that?) Generally an agency takes 20% and the manager takes between 10-15%. The benefit of a manager is that you are getting sent out through various agencies, whereas if you choose to go only with an agency, you will get sent out only on their jobs. Hope that helps. :-)

  10. quick question, I see that toddlewood is an agency.. is this something new? they have posted on facebook that they are holding open calls, I am alittle confused beacause I know they are a photography buisness and maybe now they are expanding? or were they always an agency? and do you know if they would want us to purchase pictures? thanks!

    • Yes, we recently worked for Toddlewood on an Oscar Photo shoot, where Sofia portrayed a mini Jennifer Lawrence, and the experience was great. Tricia is a photographer, who also just started her own agency. Sofia is not represented by Toddlewood. She is represented by CP Talent Management (NJ). From my experiences, I have found Tricia to be very approachable, and I would suggest contacting her for further details, and checking out her post on my blog from March 13th, 2013

      Good luck! :-)

  11. Hi! By any chance would you know if Nina Lumbarda model management in NYC (future faces) is reputable. I submitted some photos of my 2year old daughter and I received an email stating that they would like to meet. Please let me know :/ thanks!!

    • I have not had dealing with her personally. I have read lots of negative things about her on backstage, which seem to always get removed. I would definitely encourage doing further research online about her. Having said that, I honestly don’t know anything about her personally. I would recommend sending your daughter’s photo to many agencies though, so that you have options. Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes! :-)

  12. Sofias Mom,

    I have a 3 (almost 4) month old son that I would like to get into modeling. I live in Houston, but travel to NY frequently. Most of the agencies in the Texas area are located in Dallas. If I am trying to get exposure for my son….would you recommend going the route of a manager vs. exclusively signing with an agency? The only reason why I am asking is because my options in the Houston area are limited. Let me know …thanks.

    • Hi there and thanks for reading my blog! I am not sure about the market in Texas, but have you considered spending a summer in New York with the kids? Many agencies will work with you for the summer only. If you are traveling here anyway, it may be something to consider (maybe a short term rental in Brooklyn). I have met several families who do that from different states. You can make some contacts, build a portfolio, gain experience, and spend an awesome summer in New York. :-)

    • If your child has what it takes, I would sign with an agency. You can get random calls so to travel back and forth to NY will be tough.

      • I am not suggesting that she travel back and forth to New York randomly, but to spend summer if that is an option. Many families from around the country do it, and their children work in the industry only in the summer.

  13. is child modeling for the child or the parent? does it promote a healthy self esteem? how does this benefit the child? lots of questions mommy dearest.

    • There is no textbook answer for this question. It depends on the child and it depends on the parent. Sofia loves going out on auditions, loves the friends that she makes, and has absolutely no issues in the self esteem department. She knows that she cannot book every job and that other kids need to “get a chance”.

      There are kids who obsess about auditions. She is not one of them. If I saw that it was bringing her any angst, she wouldn’t be doing it. She genuinely loves it. I personally don’t care who the client is, if she was miserable on a job, we would leave, and take a break from the business.

      As for how it benefits the child, I think it is just like any other hobby or sport. If your kid likes it, they like it. If they don’t move on. Just like any other sport. Oh how many miserable boys I saw on the baseball field playing for their dads! (My DS only played one season because he WAS one of those miserable boys)

      I hope that helps. It is only my opinion, and you will get many answers from many different people.

      Not sure if you signed “mommy dearest” or are addressing me as “mommy dearest” – either way pretty funny lol

      • Love the reply on this one… I believe she was signing in as “mommy dearest” smh

        Just stumbled on your blog this morning and I adore it. My 8yr old is with Prestige Management and I just recently paid for a agent/manager showcase last week that her acting school put together. I sorta regret doing it cause you are right about the managers sending her out under different agencies. Prestige does a excellent job on sending her out all the time, even if she doesnt book. I feel they believe in her that much and I appreciate that. Keep up with the great blogs, I will definitely be frequenting on a regular Sofia’s mommy :)

        • Thanks so much. Been slow here and been crazy busy with end of school year and being a driver to these kids lol Hopefully will pick up soon. We are shooting next week with Olejsa for new headshots. That might do the trick! :-)

  14. Hi. People tell me my son is very photogenic and he should be in magazines. He enjoys taking pictures. Hes not only handsome but autistic. He did a documentary about his disability. I don’t see many children with disabilities in magazines but my son would do great. I would like any advice thank you.

    • I would definitely submit him to agencies. I have a friend whose daughter has a physical disability and still gets booked. And I know others who have some other issues and get work. I wouldn’t let it deter you. I actually worked with autistic children for several years. I am not sure where your son is on the spectrum, but as long as he will take instruction, it shouldn’t be a major issue. Have you tried submitting him? You have nothing to lose!

      Keep me posted and good luck! :-)

      • Hi Rosalie and Anne,

        I came across your website because I am directing a short documentary for Unicef about children with disabilities in the media and the arts. We are looking to showcase two children with disabilities who either aspire to be in the media or have already enjoyed some success.

        Anne: I would like to talk to you at greater length about your son. Rosalie: do you think your friend’s daughter would be interested in appearing on our film?

        Apologies for having to raise this in a public forum but I wasn’t sure how else to contact you.


        Tim Gregory

  15. I stumbled on your blog looking for info and it’s been so informative! I have a 2 yr old and I don’t even know where to start!! Thank you, and will definitely bookmark you!

    • Hi – I believe one should be coming up soon. I will definitely post as soon as they list it. :-) You can subscribe for updates.

      Good luck!

  16. I just got an email from CP Talent that my daughter (3.5 months) has been accepted as a client. Can you tell me more about this agency? It seems like your daughter is represented by them…have you been happy with them?

    • CP Talent is a management company. They will submit your child to jobs through various agencies, which is great.

      Colette Palmerio (CP) works extremely hard and is very dedicated. I couldn’t be happier with her!

      Not sure if that answers your question – did you want to know anything specifically?

      Good luck and welcome to the CP Family! :-)

  17. Hi,

    We have just attended an open call for Toddlewood Agency with our three-year-old daughter. Any idea how long it takes to hear from them?

    Thank you!

    • Not sure. Have you heard back yet? Would love to hear how long it took for a reply so that we can share with other readers.

      Thanks and good luck! :-)

  18. hi i was wondering what was your opinion on fft models. i just turned 19 this month,and on their website i dont see alot of girls my age, mostly younger kids like age 10 or so, i called them and they told me they put me in their summer file. is this a good agency?

    • They are a highly reputable agency. You can also do some research on the free forum section on

      Would love to hear how it goes and your experience :-)

  19. Hi Sofia – Have you heard of “no kidding magazine”? My daughter is taking my granddaughter for photos in their magazine tomorrow. They are asking approximately $150 for “a couple of photos” should we be concerned about that?

    • I am sorry I was delayed in going through my messages. I am a little bit confused – you were shooting to be put in their magazine, and you had to pay them?! That doesn’t sound right to me!

      I would love to hear back on how it went.

      Have you tried submitting to any agencies listed in the article?

  20. Hello! I like your blog, it has very good information!

    My 22months old daughter had meeting with both Generation and Funny Face. My husband and I are still not sure which to work with. She was accepted by both of them(I believe so.. ) but just because we had 2interviews, we told them that we will make the decision later.
    We are kind of liking Generation better, so we actually called patti, but she was busy even though she was in the office. We couldn’t reach her. We sent email to let her know we want to work with. No reply yet. Maybe she was still busy, it was friday. However, weare thinking if she didn’t reply on Monday, then go with FunnyFace.

    I know your beautiful daughter had worked with Generation, but how was it? It seems like Patti is always busy, did she take her time and talked to you if you needed?
    We decided Generation because we didn’t like Funny Face will charge some fee for submitting additional photos on the website. But I felt people in the funny face were more friendly….

    I appreciate if you give me some advice.
    Thank you!

    • Congrats on the beginning of your daughter’s modeling career!

      We were with Generation and had no major issues. Some agencies and managers are warmer and fuzzier than others, but at the end of the day, that is personality. They all have kids that are booking. While one agency may work for your child, another might not. I think each agency offers different things for different people. The only way you will find out is to try it out.

      What is great about Generation is there are no written contracts (I am not sure a child can be held to a contract anyway!). You can always see how it goes for you. I know people who love working with Generation, and others, not so much. You will find that with EVERY agency.

      As for my experience with Generation, I only communicated with Patti and Gretchen via email, having spoken to Patti only once at our interview.

      I do know that Patti (as well as most agencies and managers) will not respond on the weekend, and answer only emails regarding weekend jobs, or issues.

      Busy season is also coming up, so it may take a little longer to get a response.

      One last thing, has a forum where you can ask questions (it is free to join this section). You can also do some research on Funny Face there. I do not know much about them, but if you post a question, people will definitely answer if they have had any experience with them, or you can search the forum as well.

      Here is a link:


      • Thank you for your advise! We actually work with both now ( like you said there were no contracts we had to sign). We answered FFT before I got email from Patti…
        They both say we can’ t have more than one agency… but it happened…

        Right now, I am having very hard time taking head shot of my daughter. She is almost 2 years old and moves a lot… I sent some great photos(I thought so) to Patti but she said to take more photos… I feel like I need a professional photographer.

        I want to say about FFT.. they set up web account for my daughter, I uploaded some head shot……..then…nothing happened.
        I don’t even know her head shot are good or not. I remember the lady at the interview said her head shot on the account will be viewed by the clients, but the web system says that photos are not viewed unless you paid about $10. :(

        Since we don’t think about paying to FFT, I continue taking photos for Generation until Patti can send them to the clients.. :)

        • I do not recommend having more than one agent, and if one finds out about the other, you may end up with no agent at all. It will definitely cause problems when there are larger casting calls that both agencies submit to, especially if your child books. As for photos, the weather is getting nicer out, outdoors photos may be better. Maybe her on a swing close up where you only see her face, and then she can’t move? I didn’t have this issue because my kids entered the game much older. Good luck!

          • Thank you for your response.. I know it will be the problem when she even starts having go see. We will have to chose the first one gives go see. :)
            Thank you for the idea of swing. I will try!

            By the way, I saw your daughter’s recent photos, great job! Sofia!!!

  21. Hello, thank you very much for this informative blog. You have really given me a glimmer of hope in this industry. Although I have yet to submit any photos of my 5 month old daughter, I had to do some extensive research first to see what is legit. After reading your helpful blog, I just wanted to know if you could recommend any companies in the Midwest? I am willing to travel to New York during the summers like you suggested to one person but in the event no New York company select my child, I would like to know what are some other alternatives. Thank you for your time and congratulations on your daughter’s success.

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      Unfortunately I do not know of any agencies in the Midwest, but I do hope to be able to do some research soon on the various agencies across the country. I will keep you posted!

      Good luck to your little girl :-)


  22. Hello,
    Looking for some feedback about futurefaces NYC, they keep emailing me asking me to bring my son in, but I find it odd their web site lists a phone number that never rings and goes to a cell phones voice mail, secondly the address on their site its a residential building.. The girl that emails me has a Flordia cell number also, so weird. Then I have this other company Ellens kids calling me day and night and I just dont feel good about them either..
    I just need to find a real place

    • Hi and thanks for reading :-)

      I answered a similar question several months ago regarding Future Faces, so I will repost it here for you. :-)
      As for Ellen’s Kids, I have never heard of them. Have you tried sending to Product or Generation? Zuri is another agency that is just setting up shop in New York and is highly reputable in California. Also, I am not sure if you live in New York, or surrounding areas (CT, PA, NJ). If so, I can give you some other options. Here is my previous post regarding Nina and Futurefaces :

      March 20, 2013 at 5:07 pm said:

      Hi! By any chance would you know if Nina Lumbarda model management in NYC (future faces) is reputable. I submitted some photos of my 2year old daughter and I received an email stating that they would like to meet. Please let me know :/ thanks!!

      Reply ↓
      admin on March 21, 2013 at 10:43 am said:

      I have not had dealing with her personally. I have read lots of negative things about her on backstage, which seem to always get removed. I would definitely encourage doing further research online about her. Having said that, I honestly don’t know anything about her personally. I would recommend sending your daughter’s photo to many agencies though, so that you have options. Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes! :-)

      • Thank you, I scrolled up after I sent that post and saw what you said about future faces, I did a lot of googling of them today, and don’t think I will be taking my son to meet with whom ever, I don’t live in NYC I am about an hour from there, So i will look into product, generation, funny faces, and Zuri, I read above there might be some good ones in NJ also ..My son was scouted by this other place up my me a year ago, they also turned out to not be real

          • I really love you advice because I have a three year old son with a great personality. I have been doing plenty of research and now I ran across this I will start contacting these agencies.

  23. I sent his photos to Generation, Zuri, and Funny Face last night.. I got a response back this am from Zuri saying they LOVE my son, and that the girl in ny was passing his photos onto the president who is on the west coast and I would be hearing from them in a few hours… :)
    Zuri looks amazing!!

  24. Thanks so much for all of this info! I just got an email from CP that accepted my 9 month old daughter! Basic questions (sorry I am so confused). So, CP is similar to Zuri and they send out to multiple agencies for both print and tv?

    Where can I get a permit?


    • As far as I know, Zuri is an agency, not a management company, but I could be wrong. CP Talent is a management company who sends out through various agents :-) I am going to do a post tonight on how to get the New York Child Performer Permit :-)

      Welcome to the CP Family!

  25. Hi!!
    First of i want to say how happy i am to bump into this post. And reading all the great stuff people have to say. I am 22 years old and since i wad a little girl i have always wanted to be a model. But now i have a beautiful little boy. He is 15 months old and i am looking for an agency for him. We are koveing to staten island new york on the 14th of next monnth richmond county. And would love to get him started as soon as possible any suggestions???

    • There is Adelle’s in Staten Island if you want to get your feet wet first :-) They are a small agency, and I know several people with them. I would also submit to all of the agencies listed in this article and of course to CP Talent, Sofia’s manager :-) Submit to everyone so that you have all your options on the table. What area are you moving to in Staten Island?

      • First of i want to say how happy i am to bump into this post. And reading all the great stuff people have to say. I have a beautiful little girl.She is 11 months old and i am looking for an agency. We in Maryland now,any suggestions???

  26. Hi thanks for the reply!!! I am so excited i thought it would take a while for your reply. We are moveing to the richmond county area think thats what its called it is the 10301 zip code if that helps :) . I am sl ready to get my lil boy out there.

  27. An agency replied back from LA once after i submitted photos they asked where i lived i said Maine and they said…they didnt represent outside of LA does that sound like my son could of had a chance lol i like to think so

    • I would think that they wouldn’t have responded at all if they weren’t interested, so good sign. Sorry, I am not sure of agencies in Maine. I plan on doing some research for various states over the summer, so that I can post for my readers. Also, I have met some families who travel to New York and spend the summer in a short term rental and their kids work the summers in New York. Not sure if that is an option for you, but just in case, I thought I’d mention it. Good luck and thanks for reading!

  28. Hi again :) I’d thought that I’d mention earlyer today i called my mom she lived in staten island. And i asked her to GPS Adelle’s adress. And it just happens to be 15 minutes from were i will be staying! I am soo excited and can’t wait till the 14th my plain will be landing in newark new Jersey 10:30 in the morning then we wikk take a short drive to staten island.

  29. Hello, has anyone heard of UdevelopMe in deer park, long island? I took my 6 year old there this weekend? They charge 700 for comp card, online video and pics, a meeting with Prestige Modeling Agency ( which I can’t find any info on) and a parent workshop. They also bragged about Stephanie from Last town landing that part from their representation. Does anyone know if they are legit and if that is a fair price?

    • I don’t know anything about them personally, but I can tell you that I would never dish out that much money early on. Have you submitted to any of the agencies listed in this article?

    • Prestige is a legit agency, never heard of udevelopeme though. 700 isnt bad for all that stuff. If they are doing pictures, videos, online representation, and a meeting with an agency I would say you got your money worth. I would just stay on top of them and make sure they get you work.

      • You can’t stay on top of an agency and “make sure they get you work”. At the end of the day, it is up to the casting director, and has nothing to do with the agency. They can only send you out on jobs, not guarantee bookings. I would be wary of any agency that guarantees that your child will work, most especially if they are doing so while asking you to spend money.

        • You are so right – there is NO legit agency that charges ANYTHING other than their 10% commission of a job their client has BOOKED. So many people don’t know this, and end up getting scammed. Another great resource is:

          This site was started by moms whose kids are/were child stars (some have grown up by now), so they know this business inside and out, and do not charge a penny for their information.

          Keep up the good work with all the good info!

    • Hey never heard of udevelopeme

      But if your getting pictures, video, online representation and a sitdown with an agency, I think you got your monies worth. Do they have a website?

      • You should never have to spend a dollar to “sitdown” with an agency. And $700 is steep to spend early on. I am not suggesting that one should never pay for photos, but definitely not that much before even getting their feet wet. I know many successful children who booked off of a good snapshot.

        • Yes I agree $700 is a lot to dish out for anything. I spent a fortune on college and ended up working in retail and building my career from within the company. My nephew did a Target ad through Prestige and paid a decent amount for pictures.

  30. As friends to Sophia and company – and in the business – you never ever just go and shell out money in this biz before going to the main agencies first… follow Sofia’s mama and you will never go wrong.. Hope your not out $700…. Mama – xoxo I’m in the city today….you???? Love you

    • Thanks Eddie (Denise) 😉 We are home today and it’s a good thing because the two of them woke up with barking croupy coughs! :-( I miss you girlfriend!! xo

  31. No not yet. I am sending out photos tomorrow. I stumbled upon this website trying to find out more info on UdevelopMe. I was skeptical about them upon entrance because they didn’t seem like there was much of a selection process.

    • Ok great. I would wait two weeks and see if any of the other agencies get back to you. Also, I just posted a blog entry a few minutes ago about Sofia’s manager, CP Talent Management. They will be having an open call in 5 weeks :-) Good luck – trust your gut! A good manager or agent can work on a good snapshot in the beginning. Keep us posted :-)

  32. in 5 weeks?? that is great!! i will be in staten island in 2 so that gives me time to make planes to head out to NJ. What will they be looking for in open call?

    • Most agencies and managers will look to see whether the child has a marketable look and outgoing personality, can they interact well with adults, etc. I would say just go and encourage your child to be himself/herself. I know there are parents that “prep” their kids, but I say just let kids be kids. Go and see how it goes. You have nothing to lose! You should bring several simple snapshots with you. They don’t have to be professional, just clear photos that show look and personality. No loud hair accessories or outfits, no makeup (unless it is simple clear gloss on lips, blush.)
      Most importantly, have fun and let us know how it goes! :-)

  33. Hi! Thanks again for the reply. I get more and more EXCITED every time you reply back lol:). Thanks so much for your information.My son is only 15 months old so i have no choice but to let him be a kid lol :). i wish i can show you a picture of him. but i don’t know how.

      • i posted his pic up as my profile pic can you see him? .. i have a question. is there a better chance getting excepted during open call than sending a pic in and waiting two weeks or a reply?

        • Omg he is so cute! I would definitely recommend going to the open call. Sending pics puts you on a list and then you usually have to wait until next open call. All agents and managers will want to meet your little cutie in person. :-)

  34. Good morning all
    My son is going to a casting call today for Zuri and cp also contacted us about theirs in June .. I’m going to see first how Zuri goes .. Wish us luck :)

  35. Hi, Love your blog, the information is great :)
    I took my son to 1 casting call from an agency that i emailed when someone at the mall gave me their info, this was back in January, haven’t heard anything from them since. I did send his picture to some of the agencies you have mentioned, and today to some more, but i’m starting to feel like maybe i should give up? He is a cute 14 month old, every time we are out strangers always comment how adorable he is but maybe his look is too typical, blond hair, blue eyes. Any input? And how long should i wait if i decide to resubmit his photos. Would love to make the casting to CP but will be away that weekend :(
    Thank you for all the info

    • I would definitely say don’t give up, and send photos every six months. Sometimes it is just a matter of an agency having too many kids on their roster already with the same look. Most importantly, “don’t take it personal” :-)

      Stinks that you will be away for the open call at CP. They do them every few months though, so I will post again for the next one.

      Good luck and keep us posted!

  36. We just got back from an ‘Open House’ that was supposed to include free interviews from 3 top modeling agencies. Well, all they did was try to get us to pay $895 to attend their school, and we never met with anybody except other students and a sales rep. We live in CT and we are looking for an agency where we really don’t have to pay for photos, etc. We are in NY all the time. We may head down to the open house, but I don’t want to travel 3+ hours for the same scam – your kid is beautiful, but we need you to hire our photographers for a portfolio. Never have to pay, means NEVER in my dictionary. Any advice?
    Thank you. Tiffani

    • I am so sorry you had that experience Tiffani, but I would run the other way. I think you are referring to the CP Talent Management Open Call, and I can assure you that it is NOT a scam. I would definitely give it a shot, but get there early. There will be lots of people there. She does offer a paid seminar, but I did not take it, and it is NOT a requirement, nor will it increase your chances of being signed. :-)

  37. THANKS!!! i am so excited and counting down the days till may 14th and june 8th. thats exciting to know that they will want to meet him!

    Thanks for the add on facebook i enjoy looking threw the pics of your kids they are BEAUTIFUL children. i sat yesterday for about 2 hours reading all your past post i really enjoyed them!

    • Thanks :-) Check back in with the blog after the Open Call and let all the readers know how it goes! Good luck :-)

    • So awesome! Congrats and for sure keep us posted on his new career. Of course also say hi if you see us out on go-sees 😉

    • Technically yes, but it is not always asked for. For commercials, it generally is. For print, we have never been asked for a permit.

    • In the last few months we were with Generation she wasn’t sent out at all. Depending on whether it is busy season or not, it varies. Sometimes it is a few times in one week, and then there or times when a week or two pass and she isn’t sent out. As for commercials, she was never sent out with GenTV for commercials (she was sent out only once for a Voiceover). With CP, she has been sent out on several commercial auditions already, and had some callbacks, and booked one. :-)

  38. One other question…if you sign with an agency or manager, and decide you want to part ways can you do so or are you stuck with them for a certain period of time?

    • It depends on the contract I guess, although I know several people who have broken their contract with no hard feelings or consequence. Generation gives a verbal contract, and I am not so sure how many agencies will go through the legal fees and hassle to fight you on breaking a contract, and I am also not sure a child can even enter into a contract.

  39. Hi my name is precious I have a 5 month old baby girl and have been trying to look for a modeling agency in New York City where I can take my daughter have any suggestions

    • Hi Precious,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I would start by submitting photos to all of the agencies listed here (3-4 regular snapshots – no need for professional pics). If they are interested, they will request a meeting.

      Also, CP Talent Management is holding an Open Call June 8th. I posted info about it on the blog :-)

  40. Have you heard anything good or bad about product? I sent photos in of my daughter and they want to meet with her. What are these meetings like? What do they ask? My daughter is only 2.5. Are they interested and want to get a feel for her personality? Thanks for answering all my questions. Your a big help.

    • Hi and thanks for reading my blog. :-) Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.

      We get sent out through Product and love them, and love Nate.

      For the most part, agencies will want to get a feel for the child, and, equally important, the parent. They want to make sure you are reliable and serious.

      Not sure if you went yet. But hope that helps. Don’t worry. There aren’t any trick questions :-) Just be yourself and have fun!

      Let us know how it goes.

      • Hey thanks. I bring my 2.5 year old next week for interviews with product and fft. Adele’s kids was also interested, but I didn’t hear the greatest things about them. I heard all she wants you to do is buy her book and doesn’t get that much work for you. If both product and fft are interested, who would you go with? I’ll let you know how it goes. Also, I just signed my 9 month old with CP, so hopefully that works out. Thanks again!

        • Hi Toni,
          If your 9 month is with CP Talent, why not your 2.5 year old? Just curious? I know people who are very happy with each of those agencies, including Adeles (I never heard anything about a book, so not sure about that).
          At the end of the day, you have to go with your gut. If there is anything I have learned so far it is that no one agency is perfect for every kid. What works for my kid, might not work for yours, and also it is important to keep in mind that certain sizes, ages, are busier than others, so that might be why one child is getting sent out more, over another.
          Hope that helps. Good luck and keep us posted! :-)

  41. Thank you so much for creating this blog…it has been very helpful. My daughter too is represented by Generation (in all departments) and they are great but gigs were slow and my daughter really wants to get out there. I ran across this site and it very informative. I sent out her pics to CP Management and Take 3 Talent. CP replied back with an invitation to the open call on June 8th and Take 3 called her the next day for an interview. We went to the interview and they loved her!! As a matter of fact, there was an audition going on the same day that she fit the breakdown for and they suggested we go…and we did.

    The agency called and they placed her on hold….so hopefully, she’ll book it. Now we have to part ways with Generation TV section. It’s bitter sweet because I really love Patti and her crew…they are gems.

    • Hi Stacey. So glad you like the blog :-) I have been very lax about updates lately, as life sometimes gets in the way. CP Talent also works with Take 3/Product as well, so you will still get sent out by them if you opt for a manager. The plus side of that is that you will also get sent out by other agencies (including GenTV)

      It definitely is bittersweet. At the end of the day though, we have to remember that this is a business, and that we work for our own children, not for any agency. It is our job to do what is right for our children. As the old adage goes: “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business”.

      Keep us posted! :-)

      • Thanks for the feedback, I understand you’re busy. I think we are all just so grateful you have this blog so no need to apologize. You serve as a guide and are so helpful to us all. Thanks for being you!!!

        My daughter got sent to another audition with Take 3…I was surprised because that’s 2 so far in just 1 week of meeting them. Will keep you posted.

          • Definitely will!! So did CP have you sign a SAG TV/Commercial/Theatre Agency contract? Take 3 requires this. Does that means the child will be in the SAG union?

          • I’m so bad, I don’t remember what the hell I signed lol. But SAG let’s you do three SAG jobs I believe, without joining, and then afterwards, if you are booked for another SAG job, you have to join. (I think you can request a waiver though after your third booking, and they can either approve or deny), but signing a SAG contract with an agency does not mean you are SAG, probably just that you will submitted for SAG jobs by the agency :-)

          • LOL!!
            That makes sense, I meet with them today, will let you know how it goes. Enjoy your day:)

  42. Hi Rosalie! Thanks so much for having this blog I think you have been able to be of help to many moms outs there! I have done a lot of research on the modeling industry and after much thought I decided to submit my daughters pictures to the various reputable agencies that you have listed! I know that you have your daughter with CP management and that is the main reason for this post and question. CP sent us an email back within the same day of submitting my daughters pictures to them saying they are happy to accept us as a client! I was thrilled with the news but curious if its normal for it to happen THAT quickly and to just receive an email with a form to fill out and sign and send back to them and not receive a phone call. I would love to have your input on my situation since I figured you would know best how CP’s process works! I hope you are able to respond as soon as you get a chance! Thanks so much!!

    • That is awesome! :-) And yes, it can certainly happen that quickly. I would definitely give Colette a call when you send back the forms and touch base with her. She is refreshingly approachable, and in this business, that is priceless. Tell us more about your daughter! So excited for you :-)

  43. Good afternoon all,
    Did anyone go to the toys r us casting yesterday ?
    They were very vague on what it’s for just curious..

  44. They wanted 32 to 44 inches .. Made all the kids take their shoes off to measure their height weighed them then took a few pics .. Ok that makes sense not a particular casting thank you

  45. Hi Sofia’s Mom,

    Thank you for your blog, it’s very informative for ppl like us who’s new and have no idea about the biz. I was wondering if have you’ve heard of P3 talent management? (They don’t have a website which seems a bit weird to us!) My kids were approached by a scout from them a few months back and they just called to have an interview with them. This is our first time going to a meeting like this so had no idea what to expect, they were very interested in representing my kids but say we need to pay for the portfolio pictures, its $1000 min. depending on how big/many looks we want the portfolio to be, is that standard? Thanks in advance.

    • Definitely NOT standard. I would run the other way! Submit your child to the top agencies listed here. If you are near New Jersey also, CP Talent (Sofia’s manager) is having an open call on June 8th. I have it posted to the blog.

      You have nothing to lose by submitting to Generation, Product, Zuri, adn CP Talent. All are very known in the industry. :-)

      • Thank you for your response! Yes I think we’re gonna pass on this agency, and submit photos to the more reputable companies! BTW, is CP talent based in NJ or just having the open call there? (We live in manhattan)

        • Hi, CP Talent is based in NJ, but works with most of the major agencies in Manhattan. You would only have to go to New Jersey once for the Open Call, then everything is done via email and phone, and almost all go-sees and auditions are in Manhattan. We do not live in NJ either (New Yawkers here too lol).

          Good luck and definitely keep us posted! :-)

          • Got it!! Few last questions, are the go sees and photoshoots mostly during the week or on weekends? if its during the week is it in the mornings or afternoons? Is it ok to bring another child to these places or only the model is allowed? Thanks again for your time to answer all my questions.

          • Most go-see’s that we have been on are weekday afternoons. Bookings are morning or afternoon. I would not bring another child to a photo shoot. I have brought my son along in a pinch on go-sees, and sometimes they have even asked to take his photo as well, but for a paid booking, I would say it’s a no-no.

  46. Hi Sofia’s mom,

    My daughter, Caroline thinks that she would enjoy modeling. But we’re not sure if she can still model if she has braces. (She is 12 years old). Would she still be able to model?

    • Sure why not? Obviously her options would be more limited, but I would submit her, especially if she is a small 12 year old, since work slows down after size 12.

      Good luck and keep us posted!

  47. Hi Sofia’s mom. We were invited to OST one source talent. And they said that my 4 year old have a good chance. But then we need it to pay $492 for marketing and there was monthly fee of $39. I just wondering if all the agencies take fees. What can you advice me on this subject. Thank you.

    • I would say to submit to all of the agencies listed in this article. They will not ask you for marketing and monthly fees when you are starting out. Some charge nominal fees down the road if you want extra marketing for your child, but even if you opt out of that, they will still send your child out on auditions.

      As for One Source Talent, I have never heard of them, but I would do an online search, and check out the free forum on . You can post a question there and get some feedback. I did a quick search on there and someone had posted that One Source Talent is a scam. I have not had any dealings with them, so I cannot say for sure.

      Still, submit to the major agencies. Good luck! :-)

      • Hello again. Love your blog. So many good advices and info. I followeed your advice and I just submited my daughters pictures to GENERATION MODEL MANAGEMENT. Hope to hear from them.

      • Hello Rosalie. Thanks again for great blog. I followed your advice and submitted Imanis pictures to CP talen, Zuri and General Management. Keeping my fingers cross.

          • Hello. CP Talent email me about open call,but unfortunately we cannot make it tomorrow. Do we need to wait now for another open call or is it posible that they will contact me earlyer?

            Thank you agian for all your answers.

          • For younger ones (under two), you may hear back earlier, but for older, I would suggest attending the next open call. You can also submit pics to all of the agencies, if you haven’t already done so. Good luck! :-)

          • Sorry for the delay in responding. Been crazy busy with end of school year and being a driver to these kids lol Were you able to find the link on my page, or do you still need it?

      • Hi! I just feel that I have to share my experience with OST One Source Talent – I submitted a photo of my daughter online & immediately got an appointment for an interview the following day and was asked to bring along my 2 other kids (w/o seeing their pics) on that day they had a short interview and their photo was taken then was told to come back the following day for final interview, well today they finally revealed that they are charging $795 as start up fee then $39.95 monthly fee, for each child! When I told her that I didn’t expect that much amount of fee, the girl had the nerve to tell me that I should have paid more attention to yesterday’s presentation (I swear the cost was never brought up!) And that I should be prepared to spend money to start my kids onto something! My kids and I were very disappointed, but now that I have read your blog I will try and send their pictures to the agencies you have mentioned. Thanks for all the info!

        • Unbelievable and unethical. Thanks for sharing! I just did a quick internet search, and there is lots of negative stuff written about them on the web. Good luck with your submissions. Let us know how it goes!

  48. Hi Sofias Mom. I am a mother of several beautiful children, and Is currently living in Erie PA, where there is absolutely no modeling agencies here so the closest state would be NYC. I need to get them publicly known and one day would like to get them filmed in movies or commercials. I do not want any low budget low paying agencies. Do u have any recommendations for a mom just starting off??.

    • Hi Markisha. Philadelphia is closer to you than NYC, and there is definitely a market there, but still Phillie is about 400 miles from you. CLICK PHILLY is a reputable agency in Philadelphia if perhaps you were able to spend the summer in Philadelphia. Most reputable agencies will expect you to be much closer, and will also expect that you attend every go-see or audition that they send you on (except of course for rare occasion when it isn’t possible.) We do not get to pick and choose when things come in. We go on all of them. It is really a huge commitment.

      I am not sure of your circumstances, but I have met families who spend the summer in NY and work with an agency for the summers only with their children. Last year I met a family from the Mid-West. They rented in Brooklyn, if I remember correctly. I also met a family that rented in New Jersey last year, close to the train into Manhattan.

      If you are with a manager or agency, they will get sent out on print, commercial, movie, TV, etc. auditions. As for an agency being low budget, or low paying, in NYC and PA, it is pretty standard. The agencies generally take 20% of what the job pays (which is determined by the company, not the agent or manager). If you are with a manager, the manager will also take a cut, but this only happens when your child BOOKS a job, and is paid for that job.

      I think the best way to “get them publicly known”, is really to live closer to where the markets are, NY, Philadelphia, LA, etc., and to get them representation.

      I hope that helps.

      :-) Good luck!

      • HI Sofies Mom,

        I have been reading your blog because I am interested in submitting photos of my 7 month old son to a few modeling agencies. The only dilemma is that I live in Washington DC and do not think there are any reputable modeling agencies here. I am a stay home mom and have the ability to drive to NYC when needed for go-sees for my son. However its about a 4 hour drive. I am curious as to what advice you can give me. Is this something I should pursue or not? Im looking forward to your reply :)

        • Hi Dawn. I would suggest trying agencies in the Philadelphia area, as they are closer to you. I believe “Click Philly” said they would be accepting submissions again in December. I did a previous post on agencies in Philadelphia. Click the link below to see them :-) Good luck and keep us posted!

  49. Thank you so much for such a spot on informative site! I work in public relations and have hired models in the past, but am a bit clueless when it comes to the other side of things – especially child models. There are so many scams out there – thank you for sorting through it for us!

      • Well I just wrapped my daughter’s first photo shoot today with a local agency here in Eastern PA. She did well in spite of less than stellar shoot conditions (ie 85 degrees inside anyone?). The agency is not exclusive so I may send her out with my husband for open call next Saturday – we will see.

          • Well we got in a national commercial a couple of months ago, but haven’t worked since. I just submitted her to the agencies listed here and a few in Philadelphia that came recommended to me. Hopefully someone else picks her up!

  50. Thank you so much for the info. Good I didn’t pay them nd just walked away. There are so many scams.I’will follow your advice.

  51. Hello again!

    My daughter was accepted to CP a month ago (or so) and we have recently had some pix approved by Roisin. She is 10 months (although fits into 12-18 months). How long until there is some activity typically? I know she is getting close to the “slow period” in child modeling.


    • Different sizes and different seasons are slower and busier than others. I am not sure of the smaller sizes. Can any of my readers weigh in on this? :-)

  52. Hi, Im from South Africa. Is it possible to get my daughter signed with a agency in NY or LA perhaps. She’s 13 now, doing modeling since 11. 😀

    • Will you be spending summers in New York? If so, contact the agencies and most will work with you for summer only :-)

  53. Hello again. Love your blog. So many good advices and info. I followeed your advice and I just submited my daughters pictures to GENERATION MODEL MANAGEMENT. Hope to hear from them.

  54. Hi Sofia’s Mom,

    I want to congratulate you on this blog is really awesome!
    I am new to this, I have 2 1/2 baby girl. She is really adorable and would love to introduce her to modeling/acting business.
    Any CP Talent Management NYC Open Call?


  55. Hi Sofia’s mom. I wanted to know how much money you need upfront in order to get a manager?I been trying to get my daughter in the industry but these places I’ve gone to want me to put down $3000 down but everyone says that’s a scam. What advice can you give me?

    • Definitely a scam! Run the other way. Submit to the agencies listed here, and if you are close enough to New Jersey, you can check out CP Talent’s Open Call on June 8th. Have you tried submitting to these agencies yet?

  56. Hi there! Great blog- lots of helpful info. Question about Zuri. I sent photos of my little girl today to Zuri, Product and Generation. Zuri wrote back a couple hours later- said she loves her and considering submitting her pic for something already. Does that make sense? She also said she just needs the president to review the pics.

    So hard in this industry. I want to trust, but it’s scary. I know Zuri is new in NY, so just curious if you think it is wise to go with a place that is so new (providing they are interested in us)!


    • Thanks :-)
      I know some people who have gone to Zuri. They have a great reputation out West. I think at the end of the day, it comes down to what works for your child. Some people do great with on agency, while others do not, only to leave and do well somewhere else, and vice versa. I would say meet with everyone interested, and then mull it over for a few days. More important that what anyone else thinks, is how you feel. All of these agencies you submitted to are reputable and have kids working.

      Keep us posted and good luck! :-)

      • Thanks! I guess I was just wondering if you thought it was odd that Zuri said they were considering submitting her for something before even meeting us. It was like2 hours after I sent the photos. Thoughts?

  57. I heard that since ford closed down, newyork model management has taken over there models
    New York model management (kids division)
    596 broadway
    suite 701
    new york ny 10012

  58. Ah interesting! I thought for sure that seemed a little strange! But I’m new to this, so what do I know!

    Thanks so much. Still waiting to hear back now.

  59. Hello after months and months of researching, i ran into your blog I’m a 23 year old mom of a 13 month old, i’ve been running into problems of agency’s not accepting children under 2. I also have been getting calls from kaback modeling in philadelphia i was wondering if you heard/know anything about them and if you could point me in the right direction. My son has blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, he photographs so well we live in PA and i want someone somewhere to give him at least a chance, thank you!

    • Sorry for the delay, but I see you have been accepted by CP Talent already. So exciting! Welcome to the family! :-)

  60. in revision to my last post i decided to submit my son’s photos to CP yesterday and he was accepted with-in hours, is that normal? I couldn’t believe it!

  61. My daughter went to the open call today and within minutes, we were saying goodbye. She played the “shy game” and were told directors don’t like to deal with shy kids. I totally understand that. My daughter is far from shy, but you can never give another first impression. She said she just didn’t know what to say. I will look at it as practice for her and keep exploring her options. She would have a blast and do so well in commercials and photo shoots. Hopefully she will get another chance. Thanks for your insight.

    • Oh, I ‘m sorry to hear that! :-( I would go again to the next open call, and she how she does. Most agencies tell you to try again in 6 months. It’s true, in this business, first impressions are everything, and often the only thing. Don’t give up if you think your daughter will enjoy it! Good luck :-)

  62. Hello. I am new to this business, but my 6 month old son was recently accepted to CP talent. How soon do you they usually book something? Is it ok to send pics to agencies on my own or do I have to wait for the manager to book something?

    • The great benefit of having a manager is that they do all of the submissions for you. CP Talent works with all of the big agencies, and will work hard for your child. All you have to do is make sure they have pics for submissions, and then be sure to check emails, as that is the way they will contact you for auditions or go-sees. Good luck! Some seasons / sizes are busier than others, so there will be slow times for work for certain kids.

      • Thanks so much for the advice. Hopefully he will get something soon. Do you think its ok to submit to various agencies and attend open calls on our own as well has have CP Talent manage us?

        • Once you are with an agency, they will do the submissions. The great benefit of having a manager is that they do all of the submissions for you. CP Talent works with all of the big agencies, and will work hard for your child. All you have to do is make sure they have pics for submissions, and then be sure to check emails, as that is the way they will contact you for auditions or go-sees. Good luck! Some seasons / sizes are busier than others, so there will be slow times for work for certain kids.
          No manager or agent wants to work with you if you are working with someone else, so keep that in mind too. Good luck! :-)

  63. Hello I am the mother of a 6 month old handsome baby boy who was just signed to CP management. Any tips/advice on how to get him booked or even out on casting calls?

    • Hi Stacy and congrats! Colette will work hard submitting him to anything that he fits the bill for. Sometimes it is just a matter of size, or look. You just never know what they are looking for. There will be slow periods, and busy ones, depending on season, and size of child. Just keep positive and be professional. :-)

  64. I know this must be annoying, and you probably have gotten asked this question many, many times, but I am 11 and I want to go into modeling but it’s hard to reach agencies that actually can help you become a successful model. How did your daughter do it? Are there any good open calls? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lauren,

      No, you are not annoying. I wanted to get into it too as a child, but my mom would never allow me to submit to agencies lol Have you showed your parents this website and the list of managers and agents? Have them submit 2 or 3 photos to each of them. Let us know how it goes. Good luck sweetie! :-)

  65. Hello,

    I live in Atlanta and I’m looking for a legit agency/manager for my daughter here in Georgia. But willing to travel for her if there are somewhere else (Florida, Ny, CA). Please help! Thank you in advance! :)

    • Hi and thanks for reading. Sorry for the delayed response, I have been crazy busy with end of school year and being a driver to these kids lol Most of the agencies will work with you summer only if you are willing to spend summers in New York. We recently considered a move to Georgia as well, and I think there were some agencies listed in Atlanta. I would post on in the FORUM section, which is free to join. (not the paying section.) Let us know if you find anything good in the area. Would love to feature it on the blog. :-)

  66. Hi Sofia’s mom! Thank you for all of the valuable info. I submitted pictures of my daughter last night and received an email this am. I was not expecting to hear back from Generation so quickly. Can you give me a little feed back as to what to expect? this its the first time we are doing this. Thank you!!!

    • Hi and thanks for reading. I am sorry for the delayed response – I have been crazy busy with end of school year and being a driver to these kids lol How did it go with Generation?

  67. Hi I am new to all of this and would like to get started. I have a 5 year little girl. When they ask for the measurements is ut just for the teenagers or for my 5 year old as well. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

    I came upon this site and it is the best I’ve seen.


    • Hi and thanks. Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been crazy busy with end of school year and being a driver to these kids lol WHen they ask for measurements, they want for all kids, even toddlers. Casting directors usually submit specifications on height and size, and agency will need these updated often to send out your child. :-) Hope that helps.

    • Oh my gosh that is great. Sorry for the delayed response, Been crazy busy with end of school year and being a driver to these kids lol Who did you end up going with? How has your experience been so far?

  68. We are coming for work this summer. Would you sign with Product or Zuri. According to you they both are very reputable. Zuri is new to NYC, but definitely know the business in LA; Product is a veteran to the industry, but they are separate from Take 3, which is combined with Zuri. I need the most and best opportunities possible.

    Thank you

    • Sorry Deanna for the late response. Been crazy busy with end of school year and being a driver to these kids lol Take 3 is not combined with Zuri as far as I know. Take 3 is the tv/film side of Product which is the print side. Who did you end up with? How is it going?

  69. Hi folks,
    Did anyone else attend the Febreze audition in nyc today. My daughter was sent out for it…I know someone from CP was there and from Product and Take 3.

  70. Hi,
    I am hoping you can help me. I am English moving to the states. My daughter started modelling in London 5 months ago when she just turned 5. I have been amazed she has worked a lot on some great exclusive childrens wear brands and a couple of super editorials, one got an international front cover and the other is Marie Claire yet to come out. So I am really interested in continuing this with a New York agency. I am looking for a very high end, agency that does the big exclusive brands and editorials. Which Agency do you think would be the best for this. My daughter loves it, but I am very conscious that we continue with high quality not quantity!
    What do you think? Thank you so much for your help in advance. sara

    • Hi and congrats on your move! Will you be moving to the NYC area? If so, I would submit 2 or 3 photos to the agencies listed here and wait to hear back. No doubt if she has been modeling in London and booking, that she will get picked up here. Would love to hear your experience and all about the transition. Feel free to submit an article once you are settled. :-) Good luck on your move!

  71. I submitted my son’s pics on Sunday and received an official response on Wednesday stating Zuri would like to represent him. I was emailed all the necessary documents (worker permit application, w9, contract, etc) and told to start filling it out and that I can email back if I have questions in the process. Is this the norm? I always thought agencies set up an appointment to meet with you and see the potential model in person prior to signing. I want to be extremely careful especially when having to submit my son’s social security # as he’s only 5 yrs old.

    Any thoughts?

    • Zuri is a very reputable agency, and I would have no problem submitting the requested documents. Most agencies will set up an appointment, but it is definitely not unheard of to get signed the way your son did. Very exciting! Keep us posted!! :-)

  72. We live in MA. and we’re looking to get my 6 year old daughter into modeling. Went to meet with Interface Talent but they wanted money up front for a photo shoot that would take place in a abandoned parking lot next to their offices and comp cards. Do you have any suggestions for reputable agencies in the Boston, MA. area?


    • I would never pay for a photo shoot to just start out. Out of curiosity, how much are they asking? Unfortunately I do not know any agencies in the Boston area, but maybe some of my readers can help? Also, definitely post on They have a free forum that you can register for.

  73. Hi! Unlike a lot of people on this forum, I am the child who wants to go into modeling. I have a friend at school who’s agency is Wilhelmina Kids, but we aren’t that close and she’s kinda secretive about her modeling career. Anyways, my question was are there certain things that help you get into a modeling agency? I know that it’s mostly 99% looks but is there such things as “Dumb Luck” or “The Special Look”. Thanks In Advance! (Sorry for the essay).

    PS: Her mom is in the fashion industry- does that help too?

    • Hi Lauren. It seems just from reading your email that you are an articulate, intelligent girl (that certainly helps in this industry!) lol Have you spoken to your parents about modeling? Would they be willing to submit your photo to agencies and meet with them? When you say that 99% looks, of course that is true, but especially in child modeling, it is not necessarily about being the “It” girl or being super gorgeous or thin. Just look around at the current ads and commercials with children in them. There are all different kids represented in those ads. Not just “model” like children. Personality and professionalism play a big role too. Have you showed your mom the list of agencies I posted? That would be a great place to start. Would love for you to keep us posted!

      P.S. Having a mom in the fashion industry might open a door for an interview, however it is up to the casting directors to decide whether or not they want to work with her.

  74. Hi, I ran across your site online after researching agency’s I submitted to take3 talent and my daughter has an upcoming audition. She’s only 4 however in two days she has memorized the entire small script. What should I expect at the audition I’m so nervous! Thank you.

    • Oh gosh, sorry I am just getting around to answering all of emails. Summer has been keep me busy playing Chauffeur to these kids lol How did it go? Would love to hear your experience, maybe even write a piece for our readers if you are interested to post on the blog with a pic of your little one.

  75. Hi I have an 11 year old son who is interested in acting. He is hilarious. But I don’t. Know where to start I see u post a lot about modeling agencies but where should I start as far as talent agencies????????????? Please help

    • Hi and thanks for reading! You can check out Shirley Grant, Abrams, Donny Buchwald, etc. Generation does have a TV/film department also. Sofia is represented by a manager CP Talent Management, who I love. is a great resource too. Their forum section is free to join and post. Good luck and keep us posted! :-)

  76. Hi Sophia’s Mom
    My 9 month old son just got a call back for a agency called VSTalent in South Jersey.
    Have you ever heard of them? They are asking for $45 if they accept him to put them on their website. Is that normal?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Nikki,
      Congrats! I have not heard of VS Talent, but you can post on free forum or do a search on there. Charging a fee to be on website is pretty common in this industry, and $45 is definitely on the low end. I would still do my homework before shelling out any money to anyone. Please let us know how it goes and what you come up with! :-)

  77. Hey there!
    I ran across your blog today while looking for agencies for my daughter…. she’s 10 and has been acting in professional theater since the age of 7. I emailed all the suggestions and Generation Model Management contacted me within the hour to come in and meet with them. I then read your daughter was originally with them… do you still recommend them? Thanks!

    • Hi Mary Ann and congratulations! Yes, Sofia was with Generation, and we are now with a manager (CP Talent). Generation is a reputable agency and has been in this business a long time. My suggestion is to submit to several agencies, and meet with all of them. Your daughter is 10, and it sounds like she would be looking for more on the acting / Broadway end? If that is the case, check for some agencies that handle more on that end as well. For example, Shirley Grant, Abrams, Donny Buchwald, etc. Generation does have a TV/film department, and I am sure you will meet with them also. We decided to go with CP Talent because they are a management company and work with all of the bigger agencies too. At the end of the day, the fit has to be right for you.
      Good luck and let us know how it goes! :-)

      • Hello again! Things at Generation went really well! They really liked my daughter and when her acting came up (she’s been doing regional theater since 2nd grade) she sent her right in to talk to that department…. they loved her as well and I am talking with them tomorrow… all very exciting, but super scary at the same time!

          • Hey again! I’ve got a question about contracts… when we were there they said that they never hold a child to a contract… when they want out, they can get out of the biz…. but it still makes me nervous to sign a 2 year contract. What are your thoughts on that?

          • I think the agencies just want to cover themselves if you are getting work from somewhere else, and not giving them their cut. No legitimate agency would try to force your child to stay in the business.

  78. Hi,

    I have been using your website as a guide to help me with my son and at times I get frustrated because we live in Michigan and most agencies will not even look at his submission because for example we do not live in the NY area. Could you please tell me are there other agencies that do not mind not being in there area. Moving right now is not a option my husband works for Google so we are in Ann Arbor.

    • It will be very difficult unless you are going to be spending summers in New York. This business is very fast paced, and you need to be available at a moment’s notice to go to an audition or go-see. Is spending summers in NY an option for you?

  79. Zayden was excepted into,cp as well as munckin star managment but we chose cp. We havnt her from cp since the 18th havnt filles any papers out or anything .

  80. Hi I would like to get my 2yr old daughter Sahara in the Modeling business. I did submit some photos to Generations on July 11th and no response as of yet. I guess they were not interested in her. However, I submitted some photos to other agencies you posted in your blog.

    • Hi Fran, Don’t lose hope. It can take up to 2-3 weeks to hear back. It is the summer too, so if any of their employees are on vacation, these agencies can get swamped. Keep the faith! :-) And of course keep us posted.

  81. Hey there!

    My daughter is 16 months old, and we currently reside in Anchorage, Alaska. There’s OBVIOUSLY nothing up here lol. My husband is Active Duty Air Force and gave me the word to go home (nj) and start getting addison involved in modeling. My question is, I submitted to zuri and generations, however stating that i live in alaska probably is a set back. I did say we will move to nj if she gets a rep, almost upon command. Do you think they’ll take that seriously or ignore us?

    Trying to figure out if I should just go there then try or if submitting her from here and seeing what happens is best?


    • Have you tried just submitting pics without your location? If you would move if signed anyway, then you can always submit photos, and just wait to see if you get accepted – then make the move. Good luck and keep us posted! :-)

    • Only what I have read on free forums, although it seems that much of the stuff is taken down before long. I have not heard the best things about them, but I have not had any dealings with them, so would not be fair of me to comment. Maybe one of my blog readers can weigh in with some info?

  82. Do not – repeat do not go to future faces… there are plenty of good kids agencies.. They are not reputable… move on and dont give them a dime of your money… right Sophia’s mom…lol xoxo

  83. OK it was up long enough for whoever wanted to see it… take it down I give you permission. Not that you need my permission doll …lol We just both know there are enough people out there that actually good at what they do and are the ones that really do book the kids.

    Also I am going to state the following I have three really pretty kids – truly. Two are models the other is not. Reason she just doesn’t have “the look” she has been seen by two top agencies that rep my other kids and they both weren’t interested in her. I am OK with that. She is pretty but not “model pretty” it all comes down to sometimes how photogenic the child is. My other two can crawl out of bed with stickem up hair and they still look gorgeous on camera – they can shoot from any angle and they still take awesome pictures. Thats what agencies are looking for symmetry of the face. The child has to have it. Very rarely does an modeling agency take an “off symmetry child” – only if they do a lot of average kids and average adults – like a funnyfaces (and yet they have model types as well)… OK I’m done my two cents.. darling…

  84. Hi! So after auditioning my daughter wax signed with Take 3 Talent Agency I do not know how to post pictures up here she is 4 however she read the script without looking at the paper! We are excited. Do you know anything about this agency?

    • Awesome! Sofia gets sent out through Take 3 sometimes, through her manager. They are a very reputable agency in Manhattan! So exciting. I am not sure if I have to enable photo uploads on the blog. I will look this weekend. :-)

    • I think you may be referring to ABRAMS ARTISTS. If so, they are one of the top agencies in NYC and LA and very selective.

      • Oh alright! My 13-month-old was signed two months ago, but no work yet– should I be sending updated photos every month or until they ask?

        • I would send updated info if size changed, and updated pics if the child really has changed a lot since the last photos :-)

  85. Okay so I know the answer before I ask the question but I have to ask anyway. Is it ever okay for an agency to ask for $250 for pics and mailing expenses upfront or should I be running the other way?

    • Mailing expenses? Not even sure what that is. An agency can work off a good snapshot to start off with. While $250 is not too steep, you shouldn’t be required to pay for pics before that begin submitting your child for work. Are they saying that you must get these pics in order to work with them? If so, then yes, I would run the other way.

    • I think it depends on where you live. In the Boston MA area the agents do charge a “marketing” fee of about $250 PLUS you need to get pictures done. Before handing over any money, I would research the agency a little more and what the normal process is in your area.

    • Hi and sorry for the delay – if you scroll down, some of our readers have weighed in on this agency. To be honest, I have not heard very good things about them. Having said that though, I just want to be honest and clear and say that I have never worked with them personally. I believe in the old saying “If it walks like a duck… and talks like a duck…” well, you know the rest! Good luck and keep us posted!

  86. Mailing expense.. hmm I did have one of those with Wilhelmina once or some type of administration fee as we were doing a lot with our daugther at the time. We were told that the big bookers do end up with some administration fee once they reach a certain threshhold. Our second agency did not charge that but both of them charged to be on their website. One of them did a charge annually – one just did one charge. By the way the administrative fee was with a top kids agency – crazy right…

  87. Hi Sofia’s Mom,

    Thanks for providing all of the great information regarding the child modeling industry. My 4-month old daughter has been accepted by both Generation and Product Model Management, and I am uncertain of whom to proceed with.

    Can you tell me if one represents better/higher-profile brands over the other?

    Do they really source for the same companies? Does one agency have a better reputation over the other?


    • Hi and sorry for the delayed response – crazy summer! lol Both agencies are reputable. I would meet with both and see which you feel is a better fit for you and your child. Very often agencies send out for the same jobs, but there are many times when they work exclusively with certain brands. Go with your gut! :-) Good luck and keep us posted!

  88. Hello! Recently, my daughter was signed with Tribute Talent on Staten Island. I was asked for $100 for “mailing fees” upfront. Should I run the other way? Is anyone else with them? If so, what have your experiences been like?

    • Hi and sorry for the delay – crazy summer here lol Yes, I have heard of Tribute Talent, and know people who have been signed with them. They are a legitimate agency. I am not sure what “mailing fees” are but I would ask them what that covers exactly. Some agencies do charge some minimal fees. Good luck and keep us posted!

  89. Hi, Good Afternoon. I would like to know if “UDEVELOPME” agency in Deer Park, Long Island is a reputable modeling agency? I’m pretty new to this business and I don’t want to get my hopes up too high with this one. What are the Pros and Cons of that agency? Your answer would be helpful. I would appreciate it if you respond back. Thanks.

    • Hi, sorry for the delay. I have never heard of them, but I am pretty sure someone also asked about them before. I would check on the free message forum on There is plenty of useful info under the Child Model section. This section is free to join. Good luck!

    • hi,
      i recently took my child to Udevelopme, i discovered during the interview that you have to pay $650.00 for a package that includes 1 photo shoot, 1 official portfolio,a meeting with an agent,1 workshop,and your portfolio will be promoted for 6 months, there are other packages, the highest being $2500.00 for 11 photo shoots semi annual promotional upgrades and other stuff , sounds ok if you can afford it. Non of this garantees work, since that depends on the ad companies.

      • Sounds shady to me, but I don’t know anyone represented by them. Can anyone else weigh in who has gotten signed and works as a result of this?

  90. we are here in nyc for summer work from out of state. We signed with one of your stated “reputable” companies” before coming to NYC. After arriving we met with NY Model Mgmt and Wilhelmina and Zuri. All agencies want us to sign with them now, would there be a reason why we would want to switch to another agency at this point? One agency offers the “manager” idea. Is that appealing for future work? In this industry is a “reputable name” a step up?

    • I have said it before and I will say it again… :-) There is no right answer to this. I go with my gut. All of the agencies you posted are reputable and respected. If you feel that your current agency is working hard for your child, then I would stay with them. You have to go with your gut. Good luck and keep us posted! Sorry for the delay – crazy summer with these kids!

  91. Hi! I submitted my almost 5 month old daughters picture to CP last night and got an email this morning that she was accepted…is this normal ?

  92. Ok so finally got ahold of collete. Found out my paper wirk was never received . So i had to resend it. Now things can really get started. But i have a question how do i go about ithe bankimg thing does my son 18 months absolutely need one?

    • Yes he definitely needs a bank account – you can go to TD Bank and open one – I have a post about it on the blog. It is fairly easy. NYS will soon require a percentage of child earnings from acting AND modeling to be held in this account. In the past, they only had requirements for actors.

  93. My daughter’s agent had us sign in to an audition under another agency’s name, because she said they were her coworker on the project. Is this normal…?

    • Hi and sorry for the delay – summer is keeping me very busy with these kids and their schedules. If you are with a manager, it is common to sign in under another agency name. We do it all the time.

  94. Thank you so much for this blog! I have 3 8 month old boy a 4 yr old and a 5 yr old..they are all boys. …have you heard of elenskids?? I signed up with them when my 5 was born..I had to pay 500 when I signed he up…when my other children were born I just sent elenskids pictures and they added them but nothing was signed….we get go sees from time to time but I have my reservations regarding this agency. . We did however finally get booked for a job last week….my 4 and 5 yr did great on camera the producer really liked them he said they had great personalities and were very funny together. ..he couldn’t believe it was their first time on camera…I would like more auditions for the kids since they really enjoyed it. …what do you think about elenskids nd my next steps should be??

      • I live in union city NJ so I am pretty close to NYC. With my boys having the live taping for sprout experience and being 4 yrs old and the other 5 years old what agency would you recommend? I also have a 9 month old boy too that I would like to get into the agency.

        • Hi, I would submit to all of the agencies and managers listed here, and wait to hear back. Hopefully you can get an interview with several of them, and then make a decision from there. Good luck and keep us posted! :-)

  95. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog while curiously searching for some info on child modeling. You have some great info here which, as someone with no clue of the business, I am finding it all very helpful. I would prefer to take the route of a manager as opposed to signing with one agency. Do you know of any other reputable managers closer to CT than NJ? Thanks for your input!

    • Thanks! Not sure about CT managers, but I do have friends who live in CT in the business and they are all represented by NJ or NYC agents and manager. As long as you can make your way into Manhattan, it honestly does not matter where the agent or manager is located. Hope that helps! :-)

      • OK reputable manager in connecticut is Connecticut Kids – I think they are in Cheshire area of CT. Aparently a Mom and Daugther team. Daugther was in the business. They do work with a number of the agents in town. Personally we are with NYC agent and print managers and we are in CT. I feel better being with people in town – but I understand that Connecticut Kids is a good manager and people do like them and they do send their kids out and they do book kids. So go for whatever makes you more comfortable. Right Sophia’s mom … 😉

  96. Hey, I am 21 years old and want to introduce myself into modeling and I had a bad experience with interface they wanted to charge me $800 for a photo shoot and the $300 for the photos to be printed out. I payed $400 but then felt uncomfortable with all the money that I had to pay so I cancel, I’m now waiting for my money to be refunded (hopefully). I’ve seen your blog and its the bit that I have read it has been very useful, I have no experience and haven’t done professional shoots. Where can I start from?

    • I’m sorry to hear about your experiences so far. I would start by submitting to the major agencies in NY and Los Angeles, and taking it from there. I am not sure where you live, but that is a good place to start. Good luck – keep us posted! :-)

      • i had the worst experince with interface as well when i lived in florida!! they also had the worst review and they also asked me for way more money then that for my son who was 4 months old at the time im so glad i ran into this blog and he got excepted to cp now that we live in new york.

  97. Hello Sofia’s mom and Sofia,

    First of all let me say THANK YOU for your really useful advices.

    Anyway I have some important questions left. Could you please help me to find out the answers? :)

    1. I would like my little boy to become a great actor/model in future (hopefully he’ll want it too :)). What is the earliest age that is recommended for start in this biz? Is it 3 months? 6 months? Or it’s better to wait until he’ll grow up a little while?
    2. Does CP Talent or any other good agency/managers work with a movies/tv so my son could do both: acting and modeling? Is it too early to talk about acting/being a part of tv shows/movies?

    I am absolutely new in this business and even in America :) therefore I ask for your advice in this field :)

    What would you do to reach your goals if you have a newborn baby boy now? :)))

    I live in Brooklyn, NY.

    Thank you in advance :)

    • Hi Olga and thanks for reading! As far as you first question, there isn’t really a set answer to that. I know a child who was working on a major movie set at 6 weeks, and I also know others who have met with agencies and there children were not yet ready at 2 or 3 years old. Each child is different, and in my opinion, the most important factor is YOUR child. You have nothing to lose by submitting pics to each of these agencies and CP Talent Management, and hopefully getting a positive response and meeting with them. If your child is very young, meetings usually aren’t necessary. Once you are signed with someone, they will submit your son’s photos to jobs that he meets the requirements for.

      Welcome to America and Brooklyn! I grew up in Brooklyn and both of the kids were born in Brooklyn. :-) Good luck – submit those pics, and keep us posted!

  98. Hi Sophia’s mom! I wanted to say thank you very much for having this blog! I found it today while trying to research agents for kids in the NYC area. I found this site to be so helpful! I submitted my daughter’s picture to Generation and Product Model Management and Generation has already responded saying they want to meet her. I am completely new at this! Can I ask you what to expect at this meeting? Should I wait to hear from other agents, or just go with this one? I believe you said that Generation does not ask you to sign a contract. Also, you said most casting calls are during the afternoon during the week. Is this going to be something I am able to keep up with, without loosing my job? (I am a teacher and don’t know how often I will be able to take off on a weekday!)Thank you!!

    • Hi and congrats! I recently heard that Generation may now be using contracts, but I am not 100% sure of this. I am not sure where you live or how old your child is (younger kids usually have go-sees or auditions in the mornings), but it will really depend on how quickly you can make it into Manhattan, and how comfortable you feel traveling during the afternoon (and making it there on time!)

      Generally meetings are just a way for the agency to meet your child (and you) and get a feel for you and whether or not they think your child can handle this (and also whether you can). Don’t be nervous, just be yourself. We had a great meeting when we met with Patti. Good luck!

  99. I have a 13 year old son who is interested in modeling/acting. He is super athletic and plays sports year round. I’m kinda looking for something in the sports/print work. I’ve looked through your blog and I’ve gained a lot of useful information. Just wanted to get your thoughts on anything in the sports arena ei. Nike, Adidas.

    • Hi and thanks for reading! It is a little bit different with acting, and there are other agencies and managers that specifically do that. has a free forum and there is a lot of useful information on there. I am not sure where you live, but you could sign up for free to their forum section and post about your specific location and the best avenue for that. Also, your son is 13… difficult (but not impossible) for that age in modeling, but really depends on a bunch of factors, (look, height, marketability, etc.) Not sure specifically about those campaigns and which agencies they work with.

  100. Thank you so much for all this information. I’ve been searching for reputable agencies for a while after hearing horror stories from friends with agencies that make them pay lots of money upfront. Thank you for this blog. I’m just wondering if I should submit to cp management alone or to cp, product and generation, etc… Thoughts?

    • I would definitely submit to all of them. It is nice to keep your options open and more importantly to find the right fit for you and your child. Good luck and keep us posted!

  101. Hi so my daughter just signed with take 3 talent is it normal for them to request 145.00 to have my child’s pictures printed out and is take 3 a reputable agency?

  102. Hello, i love your blog i was wondering if you can give me some feedback on UdevelopMe in Deer Park LI ! Any information will be good, hoping to see your comment.

    • Hi, I have had several people ask me about them. Sorry, but I have never heard of them. Check out the free forum section under Child Modeling on You can post there. Definitely a good place to get feedback. Good luck!

  103. I have heard of them they someone how got my number and wanted to sign my son on the spot without ever seeing a picture of him meeting him or knowing anything about him. I told her I’m not so sure she called me for a week asking us to come in and sign j asked about money she said yes they charge for pics I never ended up going there or answering anymore of her calls

  104. Hi dear , plz help me I have a beautiful daughter 6 years old ,she knows 3 languages she is beautiful she is doing acting ballet, modeling and runway she is cute and has a personality , she is not shay at all, I did apply for agency in Canada, montreal, and really I scammed by them , im trying to find the good one really is hard and wasting my time and my daughter time most agencies just asking money and they primes to find the job and when you pay and they gone forever,, plz help me what should I do and which site I go and check im looking the professional ones , thanks

  105. Hi, my daughter is supposed to meet with MMG New York in September… I noticed they are not on your reputable list….I’m starting to worry because we are coming from Kansas…we went to IMTA and my daughter received awards for her modeling there and MMG was there and that’s how that started

    • Unfortunately I have never heard of them, but a quick internet search found an equal amount of positive and negative things written about them. I would submit photos to the other agencies listed here and try to arrange meetings with all of them. If any reader have had any dealings with them, please feel free to weigh in. Good luck and keep us posted!

  106. Hi! I have a 6 month old daughter who I want to get into Modeling so far I sent photos to Generation and Product. I received an email today with Product to schedule a meeting. After reading your blog though I think I’m going to send one to Adelle’s Kids also! I know that you now have your daughter with a Manager instead of an Agency, which do you feel is better to start off with??? Thanks and hope to her from you soon!

    • Hi Lauren and congrats! I would definitely meet with Product – they are one of the top agencies in NYC and a GREAT place to start! :-)

  107. I just want to say thanks for having such great and extremely helpful blog! I have a nephew that’s 3 yrs. old that myself and others have been encouraging his parents from the beginning to give it a go. She had gotten a manager early on in which you’ve probably heard a hundred times was a rip off and discouraging. You live and learn, but this information you’ve provided is very helpful in so many ways. Thanks again.

  108. Hi, I have email many modeling agencies for my daughter. She is 16 u think her age would make them not want to represent her.

    • No I do not think her age alone is a factor. I would say at 16, she would probably be more suited in an adult division of a modeling agency. Height is definitely something to think about.

  109. Hi, your blog is so informative, thank you. I’ve been reading and I don’t know if this question has been asked before. Are there any reputable agencies or managers you recommend that have a division or work with children of different abilities? I have a child with DS and am told she is very photogenic.

  110. She is 5’2 and not to be mean she looks younger than she is and I have another question is zuri model and talent a good agency. And have your daughter ever did something with them.

    • Zuri is a very reputable agency. It doesn’t hurt to submit her. They will contact you if they are interested. Include her height, weight, etc. with the submission. I am not sure about the teen market (we are not there yet :-) Good luck!

  111. Hi Sofia’s mom! I’m new here and glad I found your blog. So many questions and it’s hard to get answers if you don’t know where to start. My daughter is 4 years old and I just submitted photos of her to Generation and Zuri. Do they take long to respond back? and i’m about an hour from NYC which is no problem but are there other reputable agency’s in NJ? also is there a website that mentions open calls or would that just be through an agency once we hear back from them? Thanks and sorry for so many questions…

    • I would definitely submit her to Product as well. They are a great agency! (you can send snail mail or pay ten bucks I think to submit online) We are with a manager in New Jersey – CP Talent Management. I will definitely post their next open call.

      Most agencies will get back to you within a couple of weeks if they interested. Good luck – keep us posted!

  112. Help!!!
    Hi I am a mom of a 6 year old boy who loves to be in front of the camera and dreams to be on a show on the Disney channel. I love to be proactive and hands on when it comes to my son because parental involvement is very important. I am struggling with finding the right agency for modeling/acting. I keep stumbling over these companies that keeps suggesting that I either pay a fee of $495.00 all the way up to $8000 (they shall remain nameless) in order to get my child out there. If possible can you please shed some light on what I need to do in order to get the ball rolling properly.
    Thank you in advance
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • The first step is to submit to all of these agencies. They are some of the top in NYC and will not ask you for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Submit to all and give it a few weeks for people to get back to you. That is a great place to start! :-) Good luck and keep us posted.

  113. i’m almost 15 and really want to be a model, but finding a good agency is one of the most difficult stages for me. but are these info still valid for 2013 or now?

      • Zuri also wants to represent my daughter. They responded within hours to the photos I sent. I found it odd that they would just send an email response with attachments (Information Form, Check Authorization Form, Child Performer Form, and W-9 Form) without even asking for a meeting. I’m not comfortable signing anything without meeting the agency either. The forms were all financial as well, which seemed unusual, yet they didn’t give any details as to what the agency gets, breakdown of percentages of what they get, or how payments work. I’m a little skeptical. Is this common practice?

        • It is not uncommon to get all of that information in an email. Most of this business is conducted in email. Have you requested a meeting with them?

  114. IHi Sofia’s Mom,

    My daughter is 5ft 8in, tall @ 12 years old. She signed a 1 Year contract with a local NYC AGENCY. Her contract will end in December,2013. Is it ok. for me to start sending out her pics to some of the top Child modeling agencies in NYC? She has gone on about 5 auditions in this year, so far booked work once. I feel the agency is not representing my daughter very well. Their excuse why she has not gone on more auditions is because “she is to tall for the Kids Division and too young for the Teen Division. They did charge me $etp, to get

    pics to r me towith

    • I don’t think it’s too early at all, and from what I understand, even though you have a contract, they really are worthless because the child is a minor, so you can back out ot any time. Start sending out and if you get something before then, simply send a letter stating that effective immediately, you no longer require representation. Good luck, and let us know how it goes! I have lots of people ask about that age, and I don’t know much about it, so maybe you can fill us in and help some of our other readers :-)

  115. Hi Sofia’s Mom,
    I am so sorry for my previous incomplete post. My cell phone is giving me a hard time to type this up.. what I was saying is, the local agency, charged me to get her COMP cards printed upcards up. I did use my own photographers. What should I do? My daughter will be 13 on Sept 18

  116. Again everybody – write down the list of agencies below. They are all good agencies and do not ask for any money they take their commission out of what your children earn. They may ask to put your child on their website but it is a nominal fee per month.

    My kids are working models / actors and getting good representation is key. Good luck to all :)

  117. Hi Sofia’s mom. Is it weird to have an agency send my kid to an audition but not have us sign a contract first with them? Is that how it normally goes or are they just trying to see how my daughter will do in her audition since she is only 4 years old? Thanks

    • I have not heard the best things about Future Faces, however I have no direct experience with them. Hope that helps. I believe someone may have commented on this agency under this post.

    • Hi,

      I would definitely submit to all of the agencies listed here if you are willing to travel into Manhattan for auditions. Just send in regular snapshots to begin with (not school photos).

  118. Hi Sophia’s mom,
    My daughter is represented by a reputable agency for TV/commercials but booked a gig via Casting Networks. Do you know how that works? When filling out the voucher, do I fill it out with her agency info so they can get a cut or does it come straight to us?

    • Who submitted her to the Casting Networks job? Did your agent know she booked? Many agents submit through Casting Networks. Agent should get paid regardless. I would tell the agent of the booking and have them handle it.

  119. Hi! I am SO grateful for your blog and information! I am hoping my daughter’s photos have what it takes to get a consideration. We did hear back from two so far. One wants to schedule an appointment. They are not part of the BBB and I googled them to find out reviews. I understand from a previous blog entry you mentioned that people will always have negative things to say. But these comments (a lot of them) were consistent. They talked about having to pay for compcards and never getting them as well as being told to pay for classes and photo session. Is it normal to shell out $1000’s to get a career going? Is that just part of the deal? Should we be planning to spend a lot of money aside from travel expenses? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

  120. Thank you for the list you provided! Definitely a time and money saver :)
    I plan on submitting photos to all the agencies for my 3 children: 3.5 yr old daughter, 1.5 yr old son, and 2 month old son. I work full time as a project manager in manhattan. Given that it is demanding industry, do you find that the money from modeling is substantial enough to consider leaving full time job to manage this? I guess the factor that they wouldn’t be guaranteed calls is a risk… But if they do get calls-what could we expect coming in? Also, what is involved / takes place during these initial meetings (and how can we prepare?your insight is helpful to determine if I should even send in their photos to begin the process.


    • I definitely would not leave a full time job to manage kids. Auditions and go-sees are somewhat sporadic at times, and there could be weeks (and even months) without being sent out. If it fits in your schedule, and your job is flexible, I would definitely try it out. If it got crazy busy, you could take it from there, but I definitely would not leave a job. As for initial meetings, in that age group, they are just looking to meet you and get a feel for the kids, have a quick conversation. Nothing too formal or serious. Good luck! Definitely give it a shot. Do you work and live in Manhattan?

    • I am not an agency – just a mom with children in the business. Please follow instructions from this post and submit to all of the agencies listed. Good luck! :-)

  121. Hi Sofia’s mom. My daughter just signed with Future Faces NYC are they a legitimate agency? I see a lot of great reviews but I also see some not so good reviews. They are asking for a monthly fee for an online portfolio of my daughter is this standard?

    • Hi,
      I have not heard the best things about Future Faces, however I have no direct experience with them. Hope that helps. I believe someone may have commented on this agency under this post.

  122. Hi, I think you have a wonderful and informative website especially for moms who are hesitant…rightly so. I just wanted to share some info as well. My 3 year old daughter started with Adele’s Kids in 2010 when she was 6 months old, they did charge me $40 for a”101″ book for your child..waste of money! She was with them for 2 years and was sent out on 3 jobs, 2 of which she booked. They have an OLD FASHIONED computer system on how they want you to upload pics of your child for their file, which they only ask for every 3-6 months, my computer did not allow me to copy and paste the way they wanted and that is what led me to shop around. My daughter is now with Product Model Mgnt and it is a HUGE diference. Shes been with them for 5 months and since day one has been busy and working. All they require is that you send your own pics of your child weekly via email. I find it weird Adele’s only ask every 3-6 months for 1 or 2. All I can say is that my experience with PMM was night and day to Adele’s. I wish all new mommys and kids to the business good luck!

    • Thanks so much for your feedback! People ask me often about Adele’s and one of the other agencies in Staten Island, and I have no point of reference for them, so this info is great.

  123. Was wondering if you have hear of a small modeling agency in New Cannan Ct called JOHNSTON AGENCY? my daughter was encouraged to send snapshot of my 3 year old grandson.

  124. Johnson is an agency up here. I have heard of them. I believe there are moms up here with them. You can certainly check them out – go and speak to them. I haven’t heard anything badly about them. I am sure they are just regional and probably handle shoots mostly here in CT and MA – and probably some in NYC as well but I am sure they don’t get as much as we do going to NYC agency. It’s good to just talk to them. As long as they aren’t asking for money you are good – have them sign you just for CT area. Or do as a non exclusive until you get your feet wet. I think I did run into a mom at a casting in NY that was sent from them – so I am pretty sure they are legit… We make a hell of a team Sophia’s MOM … what happen to your phone last night – did it die on you… Let’s connect – I’m in NYC this week xoxox Hope that helps Mama in CT .

  125. Sorry I didn’t provide all the info needed. I submitted my daughter through the casting network for the gig. Yes, they knew about it, I called and told them but they didn’t respond back so I filled out the voucher for the check to come to me. It was a rush call so all of this happened in a matter of a few hours. Should the agency get paid since I submitted her.

  126. Yes, we called to arrange a meeting but the agent works remotely and ultimately said that they were going to eliminate their NY operation soon. :(

    • Yes, I was also told that Christine the girl that works in the NY office, her position is being eliminated bc the President wants to run the NYC talent, to make sure it has a “zuri” feel to it. They said we can stay with them, but they would never meet my child? Seems odd to me.

      • Nothing surprises me anymore in this business lol I do know people who are currently represented by them, and they are a known agency on the West coast. I am not sure what any of this will mean in the long run though for the New York market.

        • I actually had a chance to meet Lindsay, she was in Hoboken last week and had a meet and greet for some of the NY families. Seems to be working out just fine through email, she always responds and always in a timely manner, and now that she has met my son and I she can put a face to our names. We just started and were already sent for our first casting call..Im going to see how they work out and hope for the best!
          Do you recommend I send his photos to other agencies, or stick with Zuri to see how they work out?

          • I am so happy that you got to meet with them… I am the same and need that initial physical interaction. I would stick it out for now. No reason to jump ship unless you are unhappy Of course it doesn’t hurt to send out pics, just for fun 😉

          • Hi Jennifer (and Sofia’s mom!)

            We recently got an offer of representation from Zuri and wanted to see how things have been going so far. I’m also a little hesitant bc they’re so new to the NY market, but I know they’re meant to be quite established in LA and it seems that the President certainly knows what she’s doing. We’ve also garnered some interest from Generation and have an upcoming meeting.

            Sofia’s mom, you’ve mentioned you’ve worked with Generation before. You’ve also mentioned that they don’t require a contract…is that right? Does that mean they’re not exclusive? How does that work?

            We’re just getting started with this a little…I’d really love any feedback about Zuri and Generation.

            Thanks so much for any input and I’d love to hear how things are going, Jennifer!

            Thank you.

          • Hi Grace.
            Yes, we were with Generation, and at the time, they did not require contracts, but they did require exclusivity – all of the agencies do, unless of course you are with a manager, and then they work with various agents. I believe Generation may be doing contracts now though. Truth is, your child can’t be held to a contract, and you can back out of the business any time you want. :-) Hope that helps. Have you met with Generation yet?

  127. You know I want to bring this up Sophia’s mom. Years ago there use to be an agency out there that was called Beautiful Kids – it got a bit of press back in the late 1990’s and again in the early 2001. It was owned by a women Ginnie Cuomo I believe and she handled kids with down syndrome and other special needs. I remember reading the article long before we ever entered modeling and honestly I thought it was a great thing for her to do in an industry that is so focused on beauty. I don’t know if she survived the business but it always impressed me that she tried to put special needs kids in the forefront of major advertisers. When our daughter was taken by our first print agent she had two braces on her legs. Now she has a lift on her shoe due to a leg length difference (thanks to surgery we got rid of the braces) – the nice thing is that she still books. Mind you she is an adopted child so I lay no claim to her beauty – but she is a very pretty little girl. More often people don’t take any notice to the difference – especially if they can work with it in the shots. I do believe that more mainstream agencies should consider special needs when selecting clients. I know for a fact Toys R Us, Girl Scouts and many others do utilize Down Syndrome Children and other children with special needs. We need to incorporate more of these kids into standard advertising campaigns. If anyone comes up with a special needs agency – it would be great to list it along with all the other agencies you have posted. I am sure there is a mom with a special cutie that would love to get into the business. Getting off my soapbox now darling xoxo

  128. Hello!!!! I want to first congratulate u for this blog!!!! Is fabulous!!…..I have
    An 5 months old nephew who is the most happiest and smartest baby I know
    He lives in Hazleton, PA….and I wanted to know what. Agencies should I contact?
    And also how much should I save for him? I live in NYC, and can have him over
    At any time. Thank your for your time!!!

  129. Hi came across your blog. My granddaughter from CT is 3 months old. My daughter was told about CT kids management agency and send some pics. They want my granddaughter to represent. They charge 15% management fee and she will go to NY for bookings. Have you every heard of this organization or should they try NYC agency directly. Love your blog.

    • Hi and sorry for the delayed response. CT Kids is a reputable agency, and the fee is pretty standard. You can also try submitting to the agencies listed here too. It can’t hurt :-) Good luck!

  130. Hi, I was wondering if it was standard policy for the agency to have one sign a check authorization form to give them permission to cash the checks??

  131. Hi! I have a daughter she’s 11 years old aspiring models just want to ask if the futurefaces NYC accept Models from Philippines I’m from Philippines and soon be moving to texas.

    Looking forward for your answer..

    Thank you

  132. My daughter just met with Nicole from Prestige Management Group and was wondering if you have had any business with them. Are they reputable? I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks.

    • Hi and sorry for the delay. Yes, they are a reputable agency. I know it has been a few weeks. What was the outcome? Hope good news! :-)

  133. God morning Sofia’s mom,

    I have fraternal twin baby boys, Ethan & Ryan, and I recently submitted photos to and CP Talent. What can you tell us about the demand for 8 months old twins, and is FFTmodels reputable?

    • FFT is a reputable modeling agency. CP Talent is a manager, and will submit to both acting and modeling jobs. Any news back from them? I am guessing twins are used more in acting jobs due to the child labor laws and the amount of hours they can work a day. They use two children and can get more work done. Hope that helps :-)

  134. Hi!

    Do you know anything about Wilhelmina, Philadelphia? We were invited to an open casting call there for our 2 1/2 year old and it seemed very “fishy.” My nephew is represented by Wilhemina, NY and what they were telling us was very different then what I know from his experiences. They emailed us the next day saying they wanted to represent our daughter. Of course they also wanted an $1800 fee which I have always been told is a red flag. Any thoughts?

    • Oh gosh, an $1,800 fee?? Something doesn’t sound right! I did a quick search and came up with this review in yelp – it seems they ARE NOT the same as the NYC agency. Below this is a list of several reputable places you can contact in Pennsylvania. Good luck!

      7/25/2013 First to Review
      I almost fell for this and I do not want anybody to do the same.

      First, you think to yourself, “Wow they invited me for an open call! Wilhelmina is a big name!” stop right there. If you check the actual Wilhelmina website, the locations are in NYC, LA, Miami. You don’t see Philadelphia on there! First red flag

      Second red flag: the ACTUAL Wilhelmina website (…) says to become a model they require female models to be at least 5’8 (…). BUT if you check Wilhelmina Philadelphia, their models are ALL different heights.

      Third red flag: THIS statement directly from their website- “The difference between Wilhelmina NY/LA and Wilhelmina Philadelphia (an affiliate office) is that models need to pay for services rendered at the time of their test shoot or when other marketing fees are executed. Wilhelmina NY/LA will typically create an account for the models, and as they have services rendered (photos, make-up, comp cards, website fees, messenger fees, housing etc.), the agency charges those fees to the model’s account. That balance is then taken out of the model’s payments for bookings. Since the majority of our models are not yet pursuing modeling as a full-time career, we choose not to act as a creditor/bank but solely as a talent management agency. The Fees to get started with the NY office are estimated at $6000 per model.”

      Stay away from this place. Unless they believe in you enough to pay those fees for you, go somewhere else.


  135. Hi …Sofia’s mom..thanks for doing a great blog.its very helpful for moms like us. My son 4 years old signed with Ellen’s kids from April.he did few jobs so far. What do you think about this agency? I’m thinking to switch agencies, if so what would be good in NY and NJ area? Can I submit pictures of him to few agencies. ? I’m lil confused about how to do this. Please tell me what to do? Thanks.

    • I have not read the best things about them (if I recall, this is an agency that makes you sign a contract for photos, no?) I would submit to all of the agencies on this list. You have nothing to lose. Keep your chin up and keep us posted! :-)

      • Thanks Sophia’s mom . I will submit for all and I will let you know the responses. Because we are srilankan s I have a lil feeling in my mind ” will they give us a chance for Indian look” . Thankyou I will let you know anyway.

  136. I just wanted to say thank you for all the information on this website! Our family fell into a lead film role with our daughter by accident. We submitted an open call audition online that stated in the contract that we would not be getting paid if we were chosen. We never expected our daughter to actually get the “free” acting job anyway–we just did it for fun because she loves acting in school plays etc. We found out after 4 rounds of auditions that our daughter was chosen to be the star in the film and we ended up with a paid acting contract. We were so excited! We are still stunned as a family to think something like this could happen to us. The movie filming went well and will be out at the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015. During the filming we were told multiple times by the director, producer, etc. to find a representative for our daughter because of her acting ability (even though she had never had formal acting training)and her looks. We are all still new to this whole movie/film/acting thing and we are unsure of what to do next??? You mention in your posts the following agencies: Product, Generation, Zuri, Funny Faces, and CPT Talent Management–not sure where the next step should be? Should we wait till the movie/film is released or should we actively seek a manager or agent to represent our daughter? We represented her ourselves in the contract negotiations after we found out she was chosen. I can say we are still in shock that our daughter was picked for the acting role–but oh so excited too!! I look forward to your response. Thanks!

  137. Hello I was just wondering if you have hear of Kiamie? It is located in New York on 115 West 45th St. I just wanted to know if this was an actual agency or if it was a scam? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  138. This has been so helpful to me! You have a beautiful family by the way! Just a quick question, in your opinion, is it better to e-mail a submission or mail one? Sometimes I feel like i’m just adding another e-mail that wont be opened in their inbox! Its such a shame that we don’t hear back from anyone much because my girl is stunning and loves the camera. thanks!

  139. Hello, I am very interested in placing my son in modeling and would like to know how I can go about that. He loves being in front of the camera and is such a little cutie. How can I go about putting him in modeling??

  140. hey did i read correctly that denise lives in CT?? who are her kids working with?? i have a 17month old who im trying to find representation for (FACEBOOK.COM/ALYANASKYE). shes with Model INC club located in boston but she hasnt even been to an audition or anything and she been with them since feb. :/ im trying to find someone in NY. ive been submitting and mailing with no luck. she did get accepted to CP at one point but i eventually took her out which im kickin myself in the butt for :( it seem like to me they was only focusing on a handful of people and not the rest. idk why i was thinking like that smh

    have your kids had that long period of time where they didnt get any auditions??

    • Yes, Denise does live in CT. Her children are represented by agencies in Manhattan. I think they are with NYMM for print and Take 3 for TV/Commercial/Film.

      You mention Boston, but I am not sure where you live. Boston is pretty far. If you are not able to travel freely into and out of Manhattan, (usually within 2 hours), most agencies will not look at you.

      My kids are with CP Talent and we are very happy. There are times they are busy, and there are times (like now) that it is slow. Sometimes we won’t have anything for weeks. It depends on a lot of factors, including size of the child, season, etc. Sometimes it seems like an agency is only focusing on certain kids because those are the kids who are being requested by the casting directors and booked. That has less to do with the agency or manager, and more to do with the casting director. It is hard to keep that in mind sometimes because we all want our kids sent out, but if an agent or manager submits our child for a job and the casting director is not interested, then we never know about it.

      I know Colette submits Sofia on lots of things, and truth is, it is up to the casting director to either be interested or not. If you are still interested in representation by CP, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to them again, and tell them that your child was already accepted by them and that you are now interested.

      I would caution though, that if you are not available (sometimes same day notice) to travel freely into and out of Manhattan, then you may want to try to locate some agencies closer to where you live.

      Hope that help s :-)

  141. I live in CT. So I’m about 2 hours away. I work at midnight so I’m pretty much free during the day. So traveling to NY wouldn’t be a problem esp last min notice. (Hopefully I’ll have enough time to get there) And I just recently sent out pics to NYMM and zuri . Hopefully I’ll hear something back. And yea I understand now that it’s up to the casting directors that’s why I’m kicking myself in the butt but I would deff shoot them an email again.

    Hey Denise are you a working women or a stay at home mom?? I just want to know how you handle going back and forth from CT to NY. What part are you in?? You have Facebook??

    • Denise runs several businesses and is a personal friend. We met through the business and I truly consider her family. “Patsy” – where are you?! She works very hard and is in and out of the city like a chicken without a head sometimes. You need to be a little crazy to be in this business 😉

  142. OMG I am so tired.. OK here is the damn deal…

    Sofia’s MOM – I’m Adina you crazy woman –

    You are Patsy remember the big hair… for god’s sake girl get it right woman..

    I run three business (a publishing representation company, an advertising specialty company and a bridal invitation, favor and custom everything business) – I have three kids in the business (yes I am nuts – absolutely) – and 5 (count them FIVE ) dogs and a equally nuts very busy corporate husband.

    So how do I do it.. as an AARP mom with incredible energy – Yes – I am older than Patsy and wiser… LOL I do the best I can.

    Today we are going in for a commercial. Yesterday I had to turn down going in for a Home Improvement ad casting and some flip phone casting (stuff at school and a sick kid) Tomorrow there is a family audition. One’s on hold for Target – and we all know that means nothing until you book. Son on hold for Gap and that didn’t work out this time – although it has in the past.

    It depends on if you like to drive. I am not originally from Connecticut. I am a New Yorker through and through so I get excited to go down to the city and leave the country. I am walking concrete one minute and an hour and a half later deer are jumping in front of my car. You have to be ready to spend more money than your kid makes – but they have to love it. If they don’t – then don’t do it because it’s not about your ego – it’s about a hobby for them and them loving being on set and doing this stuff. I have literally brought a child back to school once because he didn’t want to go and miss gym. That’s OK he has that right – get it. But yet he is bumming if he doesn’t do one of his favorites.. Some like commercial work more – some like modeling more… some days it’s up and some days it’s down.. so you need to decide how much craziness you can stand. If the answer is NONE than forget about it – because in this business you are totally not in control of anything.. remember that. …

    NOTE TO SELF: not worth creating drama in your life – if the kid doesn’t want it .. don’t do it..

    If they like this life – Instead of dance class you do this – or maybe this and dance class whatever. As far as work – I work all hours I bring my laptop – like I said the city of Denise never sleeps.. I am always on call for all my clients and the agents… and most importantly my kids and family.

    I have a trusty assistant about three times a week, (Who has learned she laughs all the time and is glad she took the job with me – where else would you have such freakin’ fun) I have another youngin’ come in to do other bridal work for me. On occasion a babysitter and sometime my husband will plug into the office from home.

    I am hoping to keep the schools on my side but that this year has been a struggle. I have a FB page for me and the businesses but I only like to have people on it that I know on my personal FB page. My kids do not have pages, phones and are not spoiled brats, believe me they can make a hell of a pasta sauce and make a fabulous roasted chicken and red potatoes.

    Anyway – I am off my roadrunner self xoxo talk soon Darling

  143. well my daughter is only 17months right now so she cant really tell me if she wants to do this or not. but i figure i get her started early if when she grows up and she wants to pursue this then she would already have a resume ready.

    i talked to colette and she told me how they are not looking for kids her age at this moment and her age is really slow in the industry right now :( but from the sense i got from her i think when they do start to look that my daughter wouldnt have a problem joining them again. so thats good. in the mean time ill just patiently wait for others to respond to me.

    i love to drive. before i had my daughter i did extra work for movies and i drove in and out of boston and NY with no problem. so i know that wont be a problem. im just ready to get started! i think i been scammed by model inc club cause its ridiculous i havent heard from them since feb :/. so thats a let down.

    i appreciate you guys help doh. i hope one day in the future well get to meet cause you guys seem really cool! :)

    • Don’t be discouraged! We all go through slow and busy times, just think of it as a slow period. You will get representation eventually :-)

      As for your little girl only being 17 months, if you think she can’t let you know if she doesn’t want to do this, think again mama! You will know if it is too much for her when you start heading in and out of the city to auditions and go-sees :-)

      What happened with Model Inc Club? I haven’t heard of them, but would like to alert readers if there was a problem.

  144. she has been with model club inc since February and hasn’t had any audition, go see, nothing!. they say they work with people in NY and she is being submitted there too but im seeing all these casting happening in NY and i still haven’t heard anything from them. i think she should atleast had ONE call back from someone. i only paid $175 and that was a one time fee for her to be in their digital baby book. so if i have been scammed. 175 aint too too bad to lose. but still. very disappointing. back then i haven’t read any bad reviews on them but now a couple popped up and i deff want out. but not until i find someone else for her. in the contract it says i can leave anytime so thats good.

    • Don’t worry about a contract. They won’t try to hold you to it. They can’t hold a minor to a contract. :-) Hope you get something else soon!

    • Not sure, but I know lots of people who do self submits for extra work. It is a great experience for some kids and they really enjoy it.

  145. My thoughts exactly and you are right, it was a great experience for my little one working on set as an extra. Going to have to talk to the agency for clarity on this. Thx!!

  146. Hello Sophia’s mom. I submitted my daughter to many agencies and were not accepted by alot. I was starting to get discouraged. I started thinking all the people who stop me on the street and say she should be a model were just blowing smoke… Recently we were accepted to prestige, Adeles, Hudson Talent, and Shirley Grant. I hear Adeles is good but no one seems to agree with buying the book. Im worried that i’m just desperate at this point and too excited that someone finally accepted her that im missing the fact that these arent good agencies. Do you know anything about these agencies/managers?? Please please help. Thanks so much

  147. I second Sophia’s mom go with Shirley Grant – great reputation. Get ready nothing makes sense in the biz and you will be running your tushie off… have fun…LOL

  148. Dear Mecole,

    Adina here – I don’t get on this blog often – but in person – together we are freakin’ funny. At least we think we are hysterical and that’s all that really matters right??? I think we should do a Thanksgiving piece as we are cooking together on you tube or something…don’t you agree mama?? (Patsy I can’t freakin’ stand it – can you imagine this house with 5 kids and 6 dogs counting Lorenzo) …. Augie’s doing the Tia Chi lesson.. I have to get Big Boy a Tia Chi outfit to make him look like he knows that the hell he’s doing.. He’ll be looking like Jabba the Hutt – Bruce Lee style..

    As Sophia’s mom and I have said – you have to have a little bit of a screw loose to be in this business. You also have to remove all control freakness you may have and toss it out the window. Your life is no longer your own. That as I have you yet run again to NYC today (wasn’t planning this – but an interesting gig) and then tomorrow another gig booked… my poor assistant is going to strangle me this morning.. OK off to get kiddos off to school.. Caio Bellas…

  149. Sofia thank you for this post, i am wondering being new to everything has anyone heard of a company called starlets? I sent them pics of my daughter and they have responded very positive, however they seem to be a little too focused on telling me they are not a scam that they are real yet they tell me if I don’t send them the money within a few hours then I won’t get a spot with them…which doesn’t sound quite right any feed back would be great thanks… Jim

    • Run as fast as you can if they are asking for money. You do not need to lay out a dollar just to start having your child sent out. Eventually we all invest in some pictures, but they should not be asking you for money.

  150. James.. Adina – Sophia’s Mom (aka Patsy’s) other “mom half” – here – I’ll answer that… never heard of them and I can pretty much guess that Sophia’s Mom hasn’t heard of them either??? Have you mama??

    Personally stick to the list Sophia’s Mom has provided = those are the agencies for kids in NYC and beyond.. true agencies that everyone in the biz knows… they are on the up and up and aren’t looking for you to sign or send money. If you child is appropriate for any of these agencies your child will be asked to join the agency and be sent out. It’s really that easy.. not worth recreating the wheel if what’s out there is working and ethical. They may not get back really quickly but give them a shot signing your child.. absolutely!!

  151. Hi-

    Really enjoying reading all this info. Just starting out looking for agents or managers for my 13 month old son and this has been super helpful. Does CP take emailed submissions? I couldn’t really tell from the website?

    • Quick update.
      I’ve submitted to CP (haven’t heard back yet) but already heard back from Zuri as well as Future Faces. From everything I’m reading on here it’s seeming like we should go with Zuri, since it seems more legit. Wondering if there is anyone who has met with them/booked any gigs yet, or at least gone out for things and could give me a sense of what we’ll be getting ourselves into. Are they an agency or a manager?

      • Zuri is a reputable agency who is very big on the West Coast and has now expanded their business to cover the NY market. I know several people who are very happy with them. Sorry for the delay in responding. Have you decided anything yet?

  152. Hi Sophia’s mom, I have submitted my sons pics to severel agencies. Some denied , and I’m waiting for few replies.CESD ,and inspired wants me to make appointments with them, and they said they really like to have my son with them. So, I’ll make appointments tomorrow and will let you know how it goes. And if you have any ideas about these agents please let me know. Any way, I’m really thankful to you for doing this blog,because I learned lot from you so far. Thankyou for sharing. Your daughter Sophia is soooo….pretty ,she deserve this.

    • Thank you so much! :-) Sorry for the delay in responding. Busy month here. How did it turn out? CESD is big. I don’t know much about Inspired. Would love to hear back about how it turned out.

  153. Hi! My daughter, 4, is starting out and was selected by Wilhelmina Philadelphia to sign with them after a recent open call. Now, I am afraid of all the schemes out there….Long story short, they want approx $1300 for photographer fees, comp cards, messenger fee, website fee, etc.
    Does this sound normal, or beware??
    Novice mom:)

    • That is an awful lot of money, and not normal. Wilhelmina in New York doesn’t require that, and neither do any of the other bigger agencies. I would run!

  154. Sofia’s Mom – Thanks for all of the great info! DW and I are choosing pictures to send out right now. I saw the other page for child acting and I have a quick question. Do infants (and toddlers) hoping to land a tv commercial get booked through modeling agents on this page, or acting agents on the other? Thanks!

    • Some of the agencies have divisions that handle commercial as well. For example, Product is for modeling, and they have another division, Take 3, which handles commercial. Generation is for modeling, but have a division called GenTV that handles commercials. You can submit for print to one of the agencies listed here, and for commercial representation to one of the agencies listed on the other page. I hope that helps. :-) We opted for a manager, because we get sent out for commercial and print through various agencies.

  155. Hey Sophia have a one year old that would like to introduce to modeling but lost and don’t no where to start I live in Philadelphia so what’s the best start

  156. Wilhelmina now accepts online submissions:

    Kids & Teens:
    To submit photos to the Kids & Teens Division, please send photos along with your name, child’s name, age, height, a contact phone number, and email address, to Photos should be no larger than 800 pixels in height or width. Wilhelmina will only accept files that are smaller than 1 MB.

  157. Hello!! Thanks so much for all of your information!!! :)) You have made this “journey” sooooo easy for so many of us who have no idea where to start. So truly…. Thank you.

    I just want your opinion…. I have a 6 month old son who I’m going to send pics out. What would be your top few picks out of these agencies if you don’t mind me asking…
    CP Talent, New York Models, Generation Model Management, Addelles and Take 3 Talent? Which would you recommend?? Thanks in advance. BTW your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    • Hi and thanks so much! I started this blog just for fun and for memories for Sofia, and it really has taken on a life of its own! :-) Sofia is with CP Talent, which is a manager, and we are sent out for both commercial and print modeling jobs. NYMM is for print only, Generation is for print only (they have a separate division for tv/commercial), Addelles is a smaller agency in Staten Island, and not as big as any of the others on the list. Take 3 Talent is the commercial side of Product, which is strictly for modeling. Every child is different, and I dont think there is any cookie cutter formula of which agency is best. It really depends on your goals, your child, etc. I would submit to all of them, and take it from there. You have nothing to lose by meeting with several agencies and seeing who is interested. Then you can decide who you feel is the right fit. I would love to hear how it turns out! :-) Good luck xo

      • Hey there!! So quick question… What made you choose CP Talent over Generation??? Just curious as we’re considering both. Thanks in advance as I really appreciate any feedback you could give us. :)

        • Hi and thanks for reading. I think choosing an agent or manager is extremely personal and different for everyone. We were with Generation, and had no major issues with them. Sofia just wasn’t getting sent out much anymore, and the GenTV side was not sending her out on commercial auditions, which we wanted. At that point, we had not been sent out in months, so there really wasn’t anything to lose. I hope that helps. I feel strongly that just because you are with a manager or agent for a long time, and have had success with them, doesn’t mean that they will always be the best agency or manager for your child. Things can change rather quickly in this business.

  158. Hello,
    My son was accepted by an manangment company but I found out that there was an open casting call but they did not notfiy me. I was notified by another managment company who I had submitted his picture to. So we went to the casting call and to my surprised we booked. Yep..It’s our first. but I was a little upset that the managment that accept us did not notfiy us of the casting. I am aware that she knew about it because a client posted to her page that she was at the casting call. How do I deal with something like this

    • It is hard to say without knowing all the facts. Maybe your child didn’t fit the specs (sizes that the manager had on file), maybe the manager only had a limited amount of spots (which is often the case), could be that she doesn’t work with this client, and that the post on her page was from someone who was sent by another agency. There are a bunch of different scenerios, but the only way to know for sure is to just call and ask what happened. I wouldn’t drive myself crazy. If it were me, I would really just call and ask her. Would love to know how it turns out :-)

    • Hi and thanks for reading. :-) I am not sure, but maybe Denise can weigh in on this, or any other Connecticut readers? We have a good support group going on here lol

  159. Hi! My daughter was signed with Prestige in NYC, but, on a “freelance” basis. What does that mean? Can I continue looking for representation? Or are we stuck with Prestige? I’m confused. Any help from anyone would really help!!! Thanks! :)

    • Hmm… on a freelance basis? Not sure, but really you are not locked in to any contract. You can back out at any time. I would definitely submit to some of the bigger agencies listed here and see what kind of responses you get. You have nothing to lose. Keep us posted and good luck! :-)

  160. Great info, thanks!

    I’m getting stopped by so many strangers just in town with my 22mo daughter I’m starting to think she might enjoy the experience. We all love our kids and think they are the best, but when total strangers tell you she is gorgeous you have to start wondering “whats going on here… is it my viking blood??”

    Anyhoo, thanks for the info. I’m in nassau county so just a 20min train ride into the city so I’m going to contact a few and see whats up.. appreciate the honest opinions here on your site.

    • Thanks! Sorry for the delayed response. The holidays had me going a little bananas. lol So how did it go? Did you submit to any agencies? Keep us posted and thanks for reading! :-)

      • No I’m actually back on the post today with my images ready to go. I wanted to focus on the holidays, her birthday, etc. and now we’ll get back into this idea.

        I’ll post an update in a couple weeks once everything is out there submitted and responded, etc..

  161. Hello Sofia’s mom! I wanted to follow up with my original post, but can’t seem to find it in the thread~ You’ve been such a wealth of info…i was hoping to pick your brain a little~

    we initially sent out to most of the agencies you listed and have been hearing back with some interest (product, generation, fft, zuri) while the interest (interest as in, we’ve met with them and they want to sign us) is great, we’ve become a little overwhelmed with how to decide who to go with. i know you’ve mentioned going with your gut, etc…but i’m feeling pretty good about all the agencies we’ve met with. nothing has been particularly distinguishing about any of them and as you’ve mentioned, all of them get work for their clients.

    i know you’ve worked with generation. have you dealt with any of the others? knowing the business like you do now and meeting fellow parents, do you think you would have anything to add or input about any of them?

    also, i have 3 children. what do you think about all 3 working with the same agency vs. with different ones? does it help any/make things simpler to work with the same one or it really doesn’t matter? each of my children have garnered interest but not with the same place. it’s been a case where an agency has really liked one of my children, but has not been initially interested in the other 2 (eg: generation loved my youngest, but not the older 2 at first; fft really liked my oldest, but not the other 2 at first). but after meeting with them and my re-mentioning my other 2, they’re interested to sign all 3…

    do you think they should each go with the place that liked them to begin with…would the agencies work harder for them if they liked them and saw the potential to begin with?

    i know you ended up going with a manager for your daughter and to begin with for your son…do you think it’s better to just start out that way if possible? or do you think it’s just as fine to start with an agency and see how the work is so far?

    sooo sorry this is so long! :( it’s a crazy time of year as it is and i’m finding it tough to navigate around this world ha! would love your feedback and input! many, many thanks in advance.

    • Gosh the holidays have me very behind in answering emails. Sorry it took so long, and hope you had a wonderful holiday. By now I am guessing you have decided. But just in case, here is how I feel about having the kids with different agencies. Sometimes an agency is not interested in a certain child because they have too many similar looking children on their roster. Because of this, I would end up going with the agency that was interested in each individual child. This may make coordinating go-sees a little bit more challenging.

      As for an agent vs a manager, I know kids who get a ton of work just having one agent, and other kids who get a ton of work working with a manager. For us, even with a manager, it has slowed down. Sofia is also extremely tall for her age, and in the world of child modeling, that is not such a good thing. The more I try to make sense of this business, the more confused I am! Lol Good luck. I would love to know what you decided.

  162. Hi Sofia’s Mom,

    I have a 3 year old daughter, 4 in February, and a 14 month old son. I live in NYC, I’m trying to find reputable agencies in the NYC area. Which one would you recommend? This is my first time looking into agencies. I’m also not sure as to how our first meeting will go. Are they supposed to ask for money when you first see them or for any money at all. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi and thanks for reading :-) I would try submitting to all of the agencies listed here. They are all reputable. If you get a meeting with more than one, then I would meet with them first, and then take it from there. Definitely let us know how it goes. Good luck!

  163. Good Morning,

    First i just want to thank you for putting this together, it has been my bible lol. We recently sent out our 5 year old sons information and so far have received 4 interviews. Im hoping for a manager rather than an agency but do you have any information on Lil Angels Unlimited, Tannens Talent (Westchester), Noble Talent Management (NJ) and Shirley Grant Management? Any info is greatly appreciated!!! I think we are secretly hoping for Jackie Reid with Lil Angels LOL.

    • Hi and thanks for reading! :-) Lil Angels Unlimited and Shirley Grant are very reputable. I am not sure either way about the other two on the list, but those two are definitely great. How exciting! Let us know how it goes :-)

      • Thanks! Lil Angels is this Saturday and Shirley Grant is next Thursday…SUPER EXCITING!!! Can you share what the interview process will be like? What should we be prepared with? Thank you so much for your time!!!

        • At 5 years old, they are just trying to get a feel for your son’s personality, temperament, etc. (And yours too. :-) lol Very informal. Don’t stress and bring some photos if you have them. And most definitely let us know how it goes! If you feel compelled enough, you can definitely write a piece for the blog about your meetings with both of them. I am sure many readers would love to hear about the experience. If you are interested, I will inbox you my email address. :-) Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  164. A manger is someone who works with other agencies to get your child out there correct? My daughter got accepted to CT kids and as I was reading their info they sent me something that didn’t really sit well with me is that when your child books a job CT kids get a commission AND the agency they worked with gets a commission too :/ .. Is that how it works?? How much do babies usually make?

    Also I just sent out her info to get a work permit in NY and did you get the UTMA for the trust account? Just want to make sure I chose the right one.

    • Yes, that is correct. When you work with a manager, they deal with various agencies. If your child books, the manager takes a fee, and the agency they sent you out through also takes a fee. As for money, rates can vary drastically depending on client, type of job, etc. For example, your child can book a commercial and get paid a flat fee. If the commercial is a national commercial, they will get paid substantially more money. There really isn’t a standard rate per se. Different jobs will pay different rates.

      Congrats on applying for the NY permit. Yes, we got an UTMA for both children.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for reading! :-)

    • Hello from CT. Well, we did sign with a manager and a local agency here, also had one of these top listed agencies above to represent us in NYC. We did few jobs, got tons of go-sees(several a week) and booked out a lot, plus didn’t confirmed a few go-sees as it was a last minute(it wasn’t a job, or anything super for sure)… and guess what…are no longer represented…Who had a good experience with NYMM and Zuri? What about Product?

      • All the agencies you listed are reputable. Pretty much all of them will not be happy about not confirming go-sees (even if they are last minute), or saying that you will go, and not showing up. If you are not booked out for a certain day, then with the rare exception, they will expect you to be there. Good luck and keep us posted!

  165. Good Afternoon,
    Thanks for the wealth of information you have provided.. I just submitted photos to.CP talent anf Noveaux. Hoping for the best. Continued sucess for your beautiful daughter.

  166. Patsy, I just read the above regarding CT Kids and I giggled…

    I think it’s interesting that people get confused of the “layers” in this business. There can be several cuts before your child gets paid. Agents get a cut, then the manager (that is if you have a manager) remember 15% will for the most part be going directly from the production company into the child’s trust account. Most times taxes are taken out as well. So there have been times when we get a check we look at it and say…. really… I mean really all that for this…LOL

    So as Sophia’s mom said – the flat fee gigs are just that flat fee – the nationals if the run well that is a horse of a different color especially if you get a terrific one – it’s a crap shoot..

    Anyway thought I would throw my 2 cents in because god forbid you don’t hear from me in the new year xoxo Edina…

  167. Hello Sofia’s mom. I’m sure this isn’t the right area for this question but i wasn’t sure where to put it. I’m wondering do you know anything about the “petite parade” or kids fashion week? If so how do you get into that? Is it through my agent/management or do i contact them myself and if so who? Thanks again for ALL of your help and knowledge. Oh and by the way the comment on that pic where the person said you looked like an attention whore just infuriated me. I thought it was a fun, genuinely happy looking pic and you looked great in it.

    • We did Petite Parade twice and both times were sent through either our agent or manager. This last petite parade show was SUPER competitive and super strict about who they wanted to see, so we didn’t even get a go-see. Your agent or manager should submit. Pale Cloud sometimes does their own casting calls, so be sure to check their page on Facebook.

      Hope we get called for this this time around. She really enjoys doing it and has made a lot of friends there.

      Thanks for your support about that photo. I really LOVE that photo of me because it really captures my silly, zany personality. Glad that most people realize that. :-)

  168. Hi ….Just want to say what a great blog you have…Its so cool how you take time to let others know about your experience. I was wondering if you were familiar with Master Kings? I found them on and I emailed them some of my sons work and they want to set up a phone interview. Any feedback on them?

    • Hi and thanks for reading. :-) No, I’m sorry, I haven’t heard of Master Kings. Have you tried submitting to the agencies posted here? Definitely let us know your experience if you do interview with them.

  169. hi sofia’s mom. i love this blog and really appreciate all of the advice you share. it’s so valuable as we all try to navigate this crazy business.

    my 1 y/o daughter was accepted by a talent management company a few months ago. it was the only one we applied to, and when she got accepted, we signed up. she’s been on one “go-see”, but has not had a booking. we live in nyc, but this manager is in another state.

    i’m now doing research on the industry, and am interested in applying to other agent/managers to see what else is out there. since we’re in nyc, wondering if i should look for managers in the city. is that bad practice to do? if we found a company that felt like a better match, we would absolutely withdraw from her current manager, but i’m nervous about burning bridges in the industry, so would love your point of view on this.

    • Hi and thanks for reading. I would not stress about burning bridges with a manager that has sent your child out only once, and is not even located in NYC. Did you have to lay out any money to this manager? Any of the agencies listed here would be a great place to start. I would submit to all of them and see what happens. Definitely keep us posted! :-)

  170. I have a one year old son and ever since he was 3 months old I was always stopped in stores saying how beautiful he was, how I should get him into modeling. So I am finally thinking about it. I dont have the slightest clue where to start and if it costs anything to get my son in this line of work. I have been reading some of the blogs and see where some of the good agencies are. I live in upstate NY (Albany) so I would have to travel to the city. Could you help me on where to begin and what to do?

    • Hi, and I am sorry for the delayed response. Did you end up submitting to any of these agencies? If so, what has your experience been so far? This list is a great place to start :-)

  171. Hey,

    Hope all is well! Just wanted to update/celebrate lol. We met with Shirley Grant and they want to give my son a 3 year contract. He is only 5 but does a lot of theater. They spoke with me about doing what he needs and getting the training he needs to make his way to Broadway in a few years!!! Very exciting all around! Hoping all you mamas have a wonderful experience like we are so far!

  172. May I ask you what if something you know about Udevelopme company because couple months ago they rich me and my daughter in Kings mall to tell us she can be a model and I pay for a membership but don’t know more about them they never contact me again about my daughter or any job for her.

    • I have not heard the best of things about them. You should never have to dish out tons of money to be represented by an agency. Have you tried submitting to any of the legitimate agencies listed on this page?

  173. Hi just wanted to say thank you for the time you put into this blog. I was wondering if you had heard of Karen Greer model and talent? I don’t like the agent we had and I am looking for new representation. My boys have been in commercials and even did a music video which I got them that job through backstage but I am looking for better representation since I get great feedback from the directors that have worked with them.

    • Hi and thanks for reading. I have heard of Karen Greer in the Florida market, but did not know that they were also in New York. Have you tried submitting to any of the agencies listed here?

  174. Hi omg thank you so much for creating this forum. I have a 7 year old daughter who is 4foot 2.I sent some photos to a modeling agency Maultsby talent here in wilmington nc which is popular town for movies and such featuring small towns. Just wanted to know if you know of them. They want to meet her and keep in touch with me every few weeks following up to see when I get basic good photos done simple head,body shots of her to put on a website and to have to send to go sees the website is 800 casting. Have you heard of it…. Any advice for putting a child in the business, paying for photos or not etc… they don’t expect outragous money spent on photos i can do them myself they told us how, but im not a professional so i dont understand the angencys expectations on photos there photographer only cost 175.00 for modeling photos shots like basic to use head,body and few extra…. is it reasonable to just go with them until we can build her portfolio from jobs she gets…. any advice thank you so much

    • I am so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. By now, I am sure you have some experiences that you can share with us. We would love to know about the industry in other states. Did you end up going with the agency you mentioned?

  175. Hi, i submitted photos of my 1 year old daughter to CP Talent and they accepted us as a client. I have also submiited the form they emailed me back,just wondering what would be the next step after this. Thanks.

    • Hi and thanks for reading. Congrats on being accepted to CP Talent! :-) Normally you would submit snapshots that they can use to submit your child for jobs, and wait to hear from them for auditions. Be sure to check your email throughout the day, as there are times when a last minute, same day audition could come it. It is imperative that you are reachable at all times. Good luck! :-)

  176. Hi Sofia’s mom, I have 3 small children but we have been approached with regard to my daughter who just turned 5 by “interface network” and have an appointment to see them….we had never really thought about modelling for them but have been told over the years by a number of people all of them should be models. They have told me that they are marketing not agents or managers so the children’s photos get seen More broadly. When I searched them on the Internet I was not happy with the BBB I read re money for photos but they have said this is a complaint by a minority in the business and that they have a volume of reputable clients etc. I have kept the appointment for tomorrow but wondered if you had a view and whether this is a bad route if my daughter is interested in getting into modelling/ commercials? Thanks

    • Hi and thanks for reading. Sorry for the delayed response. I would not work with Interface. Their reputation is not good. Have you submitted to any of the agencies listed in this article?

  177. hello and thabks so very much for your website…My daughter and I live in the Richmond, VA area and is soooo hard to find a local good agency…we are always willing to travel because I homeschool her but not willing to move anywhere until or unless we luck up on a permanent opportunity. Do you have any idea or heard of any legit agencies in or near Richmond or anywhere in Virginia at all please? Thanks so much

    • Hi and thanks for reading. Not sure about any agencies in that area. You may want to consider trying a summer in NYC to see how it goes. Contact agencies in Spring, and see if any are interested in working with your child for just the summer and then do a summer rental in one of the NYC boroughs. :-)

  178. Hi…thanks for taking the time to do this blog! Have you heard of Clear talent Group? I sent them some work that my 6 yr old has done and I got an email saying that they want to meet with us next week? Do you know anything about them?

    • Hi and thanks for reading. I’m sorry but I haven’t heard of them. Have you done an internet search of them? Maybe some readers can also weigh in on them. Has anyone heard of them? Please let us know your experience with them.

  179. Hi Sofia’s Mom! I also have a Sofia who is 5 yrs old, that I would like to try to get into modeling. We just moved to NY a few months back & thought why not try to send some head shots of my 18 mth old & Sofia? Do you know what size print are they looking for, and do you actually photoshop the height weight etc on the print or write it on the back? I know in Hollywood, CA they are strict about that info to be on the “comp card” but was unclear how NYC accepts it. I saw a few agencies just saying “snapshots” so a lil confused. I love this blog & you are helping a lot of mom’s feel more comfortable & aware of what to look for. Thank you for this!

    • So sorry I am just getting to older emails. We just went with 4 x 6 prints in the beginning. No one is really super strict here. We waited until we booked some things and then started getting some professional pics. Did you end up submitting photos?

  180. Hi,

    Thank you for your information, it is really helpful for a mother like me who wants to get her children into the business. I would just like to ask, in your experience. I have a 7 month old son and a 9 year old son that I’ve been told they have a look for modeling. Would you advise that I get professional pictures taken before I send out to the management companies or to just take pictures myself. I don’t want to spend money if it is unnecessarily but if it helps I don’t mind. What do you think?

  181. OK Yadrira – do what Sofia’s mom says… don’t pay anyone please just read who she says you shoudl go to… why the hell do people think that shelling out money is the answer.

    See if your kid gets accepted to a ligit agency… that’s what you have to do. Don’t throw your money away.. please..

    Patsy going into the city to sign contracts… call me on cell you crazy flippin’ woman..

  182. No pro pictures – you don’t need them – if you kid is that adorable the regular pictures are fine.. we didn’t have pro pictures until our kids were in the biz 3 years!!!!! Seriously..

    Cutiness comes through – the agents know what works on camera.. believe me .. they know.


  183. Just wanted to share that my 20 month old son joined Zuri NY about 4 months ago and went on 4 castings and booked two jobs the latest for Nordstrom! Last week, Zuri NY accepted my 6 month old daughter, we are very pleased and have developed a great relationship with the agency. I have never had to pay a dime for either of my kids, and like I said earlier the Nordstrom job Nicholas booked was them requesting him without even meeting him! Thanks for this blog, too, bc I would have never heard of them had I not came across this!

  184. Hi,my daughter just turned 9 months.Also have been told by strangers or friends we should try some modelling:)I did research online and registered at and they sent me long list of agents.I live in New York tris-tate area.But i came around your list of agencies so now i don’t know if to send sunbmit pictures to them or drirectly to agents on the list.Any advise?Thanks

  185. Hi Sophia’s Mom,

    Thank you so much for this.

    Like most of the moms on this website, I heard a lot that I should consider commercial for my baby girl but I was a bit reluctant as you never know who is a scam or not.

    Thank you for doing this!


    • Hi Dyane and thanks for reading! :-) Sorry for the delayed response. Did you end up submitting to these agencies? Update please :-)

  186. Hello!
    I have read this information and have been waiting for my son turned 6 months to send out his photos for review to these companies. Unfortunately I moved from the tri-state area to Tampa, Fl. Do you know of any reputable agencies in the Orlando area? I’m extremely interested in getting him in the Disney realm..

  187. Hi! What a great resource you’ve provided! It can be a confusing business…
    My question – My 2 year old daughter has been working with her manager at Munchkin Stars for the past 7mths, with great results. She’s done print for a few major brands. MSM was the only place that responded when I sent out her pics last year and has been great to us thus far. Should I still be submitting to agencies? is that a no-no ettiquete-wise?

    • That depends. Do you want to leave your current manager? Also, are you just with them for print, or for commercial as well?

  188. Hi! Awesome Resourse you have here…
    My 2year old has been working with a manager since she was 17mths old and has gotten quite a few jobs and gone to many auditions in the past 7mths. It’s currently slow and I was wondering if its ok to continue sending her pics to agencies directly or even to other managers. We really like her current manager but didn’t know if business etiquette-wise we were to only go thru her….?

    • Unless you are looking to leave your manager, there is no reason to send photos to anyone else. Are you being sent out for print and commercial?

  189. Hi. I have an “interview” for my 5 mo old on Wens at Product Model Management! I am taking the train from NJ. Can you tell me what to expect at this meeting?

    • Sorry for the delayed response. We had an unexpected death in the family, and are just getting settled here. How did your meeting go? Maybe you can shed some light on your meeting with Product Model Management. Would you be interested in doing a short article for the blog about your experience to share with others who have children in this age group? We entered the business when my kids were older, so I have no point of reference for infants. It would be great if you would be willing to share your experience. :-)

  190. Last week I was at the mall (Jersey Gardens) and a woman from InterFace asked me if I was interested in modeling for my daughter. I got an appointment and they sold me a photo shoot for $1100 (my appointment was in their office at Gaithersburg MD since we live in MD) Unfortunately I Google them AFTER I paid all that money. Are they really a marketing company? Anybody out there who got a benefit from their services?
    So good that I found now your helpful list

      • Not sure about agencies in Maryland, although many of the NYC agencies are will to work with a child for summers only if you can spend summers in NYC.

    • From what I understand, you should run the other way for InterFace Talent. You should always run the other way when anyone asks for that sort of money in this business. I’m sorry that you had this experience.

  191. i love your blog so much!and you have no idea how helpful it is!
    actually we just recently signed with patti from generation.
    im in the process of gathering docs for getting a child performer you know how long it normally takes ?

    im actually a bit nervous about this whole modeling thing. i dont know how my 3 year old will act in front of the photographers and all. how long did you wait before you get your first go-see? and how long does it normally take to hear back from the client if they do wanna book you?

    • Oh my, by now I am hoping you have gotten your child performer permit. It took ours a few weeks to arrive. We had our first go-see the same week. Hard to say how long it takes to hear back from a go-see. Some casting agents give themselves a few weeks to find a kid, while others are working on a tight schedule and it is a matter of days. There are times when you don’t hear back until late the night before that you have a booking in the morning. It is a crazy business indeed! :-)

  192. I would like to know if future faces is reputable? I have read a lot of comments good and bad and now we are debating whether we should go?

    • I have not had dealing with Future Faces, but they do not have the best reputation from what I have heard from others. I have read lots of negative things about them on backstage, which seem to always get removed. I would definitely encourage doing further research online about them. I would recommend sending photos to several agencies though. All the agencies listed here are reputable in the business. Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes!

  193. Hi there, just to let you know we haven’t had to sign a contract with generation, the tv side. We switched over from an agency in NJ that does a lot of “extras” work and wanted to do more film and “acting”, since that is what my daughter loves. Had 1 audition the week we signed and 1 CB so far, but didn’t get the job. We hope that they will keep her busy, if anyone has any experience with generation tv, not print, please share. We really liked meeting Dina, she was warm and wonderful, refreshing in this competitive and often cruel world.

  194. It is a totally crazy business – listen to Sophia’s mom – she knows where it’s at… one week your up and one week your down… and one week you are turning around like a pretzel… quiet for weeks – then slammed all in one day. Remember folks the kiddos have to love it to stay in it. Mine do and hence we go forward! Stay well all and my Patsy we need a talkin’ been to long darling. xoxoxo Edina.xoxxoxo

  195. Yup I agree. I wouldn’t do Elen’s Kids either. I went there and she asked for $600 upfront for photos…first red flag. Happy we didn’t do it. My daughter is now with a great agency.

    Also, I recently heard from a parent that Elen’s Kids never paid his son for the national commercial he booked :(

  196. Hi there,

    My daughter was with Generation for print, tv/commercial, and theater. We went in to meet with Patti about print modeling and she referred us to Dina(TV) and David (theater). It was very slow with Generation for us. My daughter got sent out once for a commercial and that was it. She is now with another agency for TV/commercial and she gets sent out a lot more, she’s even booked a few things. My daughter is still with Generation print but that’s extremely slow as well. She’s been with them for 1.5 years and only got sent out for an open call for Toys R Us. Oh and 2 months ago she got placed on “hold” for something but she wasn’t booked.

    I do like Generation and they were excellent with my daughter. All the staff members were awesome and friendly!!!!

  197. my son just signed a contact with Dream maker talent. Have you heard anything good about them? we never met the president of the company in person. everything was done through email and youtube? what is your opinion on that?

    • I am not familiar with them at all. Are they in NYC area? Have you submitted any photos to the agencies listed on this post?

  198. Hi my daughter went for an open call at Wilhelmina Kids Friday and after waiting we were finally seen outside the door by an employee who just asked her to show several facial expressions and give them a single photo. Is this common for open calls or were they just not interested or in a hurry to be done? I have submitted photoes to other agencies and am in the process of waiting to hear back. We live in DC so I was wondering what the likelihood is of someone taking her on in NY? Also, she had received an invite for an open call at Wilhelmina PA, is this an affiliate of NY or a scam?

    • Hi and thanks for reading. Very often you will only get a day’s notice for a go-see (sometimes even same day). Unless you are prepared to travel in and out of Manhattan for go-sees, it would be very unlikely that a NYC agency would take you on. There are some families who come and spend summers in NY and many of the agencies will just work with kids for summers only. I am pretty sure Wilhelmina PA is not affiliated with NYC, but I can’t remember 100%.

  199. Hi there! Thank you so much for your blog. It is very informative and a big help. My daughter is quite photogenic and I’ve been asked by photographers in the past to pursue modeling but I never did. Now she’s 9 and REALLY wants model, act, sing etc. So, we’re going to give it a go. Do you know of any reputable agencies in the DC/Maryland area? Thanks!

      • There is nothing in MD. Don’t go to Interface in Gaithersburg, they just want your money. I learned my lesson, it costed me $1,100
        NY is the closest place. I submit my daughter’s pics and we signed a contract with Shirley G. Managment. We travel to NY for auditions, you have to be available all the time (willing to go to NYC any time, any day) If you cannot go to NY, don’t waste your time.
        She has been sent to very interesting auditions, she hasn’t book anything but we’ll keep trying. (at least until March 2015 when I’ll have a baby…. I won’t be able to travel that much to NY)
        Good luck!

  200. Hi Sofia’s mom,
    How are you? I have been reading your comments for over a year, trying to decide whether or not to start the process of getting my little girl into modeling. I have found you very informative and trustworthy. I e-mailed some of her pictures and got a reply from Zuri and Generation after only a couple of days. Zuri sent all the paperwork and Generation want to set up an interview. I want to set up the work permit and bank account but the bank doesn’t even know what a bloocked account is. Is this necessary immediately? Also, I have a very handsome, stylish(loves to look cool!)6 year old who has some not very noticeable scars on his face, not at all in photographs. Should I send his photos as he might have more of the acting/modeling bug in him than his sister? Please advise

    • Hi, and sorry for the delayed response. I would definitely still submit photos of your son. Scars might be an asset on some jobs :-) And on others, they can always photoshop them out. As for account, I opened UTMA account at TD Bank, and this is fine for getting the work permit. I was in and out of TD in a half an hour opening the account. Hope that helps :-)

  201. Hi…how are you? I have a 6 yr old daughter who is very photogenic and I have been thinking about getting her into modeling. We live in NJ. Are there many jobs in NJ for her? Or will most of our time be spent driving back and forth to NYC? Also, I think she is more suited for print ads. Is there a better agency for that? Thank you so much for all your help!

    • Hi and thanks for reading! For the most part, you will be driving into Manhattan for auditions. Any of the agencies here are a good place to start submitting photos. Have you tried submitting yet?

  202. Hi, I am new at this. My Nephew had a meeting with an agency called New York Talent search located in LI, NY. When we arrived, we were told that we had to pay to have his pictures submitted online. That was the only option given to us. Needless to say, we walked away. Is this normal. I would love to have my 8 month old son into commercials and modeling but do not want to pay huge amount of fees. Please help!

  203. Hi and thanks so much for all your advise! I’ve been reading your blog for thr past 3 nights and it really helps this biz can be very crazy and I didn’t know where to start.

    I have a 1 yr old girl and we summited pictures to all the agents that you recomend, the next morning we received an email from CPTalent, they are asking for the bank accoung and to start processing a work permit, since we live in NJ do we process the permit here?

    They are also asking for pics to start submitting them for jobs, should I hire somebody with experience to do the pics? If yes can you please recomend a few and the average cost?

    They also mention that we have to have a resume but since this is our first time in to the biz can you advise as what should we put on it, what is the standard?

    Thanks a lot!!! Viviana and Valeria

    • Hi and thanks for reading! You definitely do not need professional pics to start out in this business, and since kids grow so fast at your daughter’s age, I would not recommend professional pics. If you know someone who has a decent quality camera, and can take some for you, that is great.

      As for the permit, you need to get one from New York. There is a link on this blog for these documents.

      Resume is definitely not necessary at this point, so don’t stress it.

      So excited for you! Keep us posted :-)

  204. Hey sofia blog, I was just wondering is any of the modeling agencies listing are frauds? or scams. are they legit? please answer back thank you. awesome blog btw.

    • Hi and thanks for reading! Yes, there are many scam artists out there. It is imperative that you do your research before signing with anyone, and run the other way if they are asking you to sing contracts for photos, etc.

  205. With her original manager, just print so far.
    Not looking to leave her – she’s been great – just looking to spread out a bit. Since I posted here, we were seen by Funny Face Today and she’s been sent on a handful of go sees and requested go sees and a couple more via her original manager.
    Is this something that is done? I mean she’s not signed by anyone exclusively and there haven’t been any conflicts to this point…does it matter?

    • If you are with any of the agencies posted here, it is generally understood to be exclusive. I would check with your manager. Usually a manager gets a cut of whatever your child makes, but I don’t know your situation or your manager. Are you with one of the agencies listed here?

  206. HI!!! I often comment and never receive a response! I have a question. Both of my kids, 9 months and 22 months old are with Zuri NYC. They have both booked jobs, and go out often for request castings. With that being said, is a manager different than an agency? If so, how are they different? Also, can I have both a manager and agency and do you recommend that? Finally, can you list a few reputable managers that work with babies/toddlers? Thanks so much!!! PLEASE get back to me!!!

    • Hi and thanks for reading. I have been slow updating as I get tons of emails and am often overwhelmed by the day to day of two kids lol Yes, a manager is different than an agency. A manager works with several agencies and sends your child out through more than one agency, whereas when you are with an agency you are limited to the work that your agency gets. Having said that, what is good for one child, may not be for another, so you really have to go with your experience with your current agency. As for having a manager and an agency, if they are both for the same market (in your case “Print”, then no, you generally just have one. However, if you are only with Zuri for print work, you can submit your kids to other agencies for TV/commercial work if that is something that you are interested in. Most of the agencies I listed in this article work with babies/toddlers. Hope that helps :-) Thanks for your patience.

  207. Through the manager we’ve done work for Product model mgmt. We sent pics to funny Face and have gone to a few go sees for them. I didn’t think a model was exclusive unless its been established with direct contact with an agent or agency.

  208. I am interested in getting her into freelance and also print. I just want to know which route will bring me the most success. Please let me know.

    • I cannot say which route will work for your child. A good place to start is to submit photos to all of the agencies listed here, and then taking it from there. It is a process. Good luck :-)

  209. I am emailing you because you posted to the Sofia blog about agencies and not getting paid. I am interested in getting my daughter into modeling and acting. She is very talented. I am interested in getting her into freelance and also print. I just want to know which route will bring me the most success. Please let me know.

    • Firstly, thanks for reading my blog! :-) There is really no way to tell which route will prove most successful for each individual child. Your first step is to contact the agencies listed here with photos of your daughter, and trying to set up appointments. Have you submitted to any agencies yet?

      • no i am in the process of doing that now. How does it work for managers vs agencies. Can the child get non union work if they are with agency and can they get print ads if they are working non union?

        • Being in SAG or AFTRA has nothing to do with working with a manager or an agent. As far as I know, there is no union for print modeling. You can check out the difference between managers and agents in my previous post, by clicking the link below:

  210. Mama – I see you are catching up on all your fans today… So fans – the major kid agencies are listed here. I would bet dollars to donuts that Sophia’s mom has agents and managers here listed as well.

    Go to reputable agencies first. They don’t all get back to you right away. Heck one of my daughter’s was was a modeling agent for a year and then my other two kids wanted into the business so I sent pictures over to our agent. I’m so damn busy I didn’t hear back from them in three months – they were like “why didn’t you just call” – I just figured if they wanted them they would pick them up to represent. Just remember once you get on the merri- go -round you give it a try and see if it works for your family. Someone has to be getting something out of it. My kids still like it – it works for us.. I feel like the grandma out there – (love meeting people that have been in the business for 2 weeks) they are so full of vim and vigger …LOL Anyway Mama… keep the slew of posts a coming – I love to see your pearls of advice for everyone and remember Patsy… anytime you want to get together with Edina poolside during the summer with our big ass sunglasses and martinis by the side – let’s do it… we can do a pup tent in the back yard for the kiddies… PS – on another note – I’m thinking of having a full color wrap put on the car for the businesses – could you imagine the looks in NYC – if I drive around like a big ‘ol billboard… maybe I will do my hair in a big boofant and get red cat glasses.. whatcha say… xoxox Love you xo Edina…

    • Hey girlfriend – you should do the wrap! Then you can get “Commercial” plates and park wherever the hell you want!!! Why the hell didn’t you think of that sooner?? Save lots of money on parking crazy lady!!
      Giancarlo away at camp in July…. Sofia and I will come spend the night :-)